Wright Stander B - Demo'd Here is my feedback!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Shutdown99, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Let me start by saying I'm new to posting to the forum. I do however often read through when I'm considering making a new purchase or fix something. Felling like I actually had something worth sharing I decides to write a review of a mower i recently got my hands on and give back to the community. So thank you to everyone whose post i've ever read, haha.

    Ok so I recently had the chance to Demo a Stander B for a few days and thought I’d share my experience and thoughts as I know this mower has a lot of people buzzing both good and bad, so here is my perspective.

    A little about me. I’m a part-timer and I’ve spent time on the following Wright Mowers B, I, ZK, along with the Scag Vride2 and a little time on the new Bad Boy revolt. So these are the mowers I can compare it to.

    Here are my thoughts after more than 6 hours on the Stander B:


    Mover feels solid and well built.

    Kawi motor, choke it and go! The FS motor runs good and has enough power. I put it through the ringer and only on the steepest of hills would it bog down ever so slightly. Average user would probably never experience this especially a skinny guy, I’m 230lbs. I know some people complain about the air cleaner on the FS, I don't mow enough for this to be an issue for me. I'm int he habit of blowing out my filters every couple of weeks and it only takes a minute to do.

    Transaxles are smooth yet responsive. I like this setup better than the pump/motor setup on the Stander I to be honest. My wife ACTUALLY agrees with me on this. ( I'm playing the loto tonight!)

    Price. I saw in a different thread that people were comparing the Stander B to a Toro Timecutter. I actually owned a time cutter for a few years. No comparison! No ZT3100’s or Kawi motor on the Timecutter. The Toro motor bogs down like crazy on the same hills mentioned above. When you compare it to a like zero turn running a kawi and the 3100’s, the price is comparable

    Platform is big and comfortable. Some others feel narrow (Stander I). Suspension is adequate.

    Deck goes up and down with minimal effort. Deck height adjustments are easy.

    Deck cut is good. Cuts grass like a champ. If you get this mower get the striping kit and it will stripe up nice. Stripes look a little bland without it. I took this mower through a portion of field where it hasn't been mowed since last July, it was well over a foot tall, full of everything you can imagine. The amount of material this deck can clear is freaking amazing!!! I was able to go pretty much full out and not bog the mower down and i didnt even have to make a second pass! Timecutter, i would have had to go over it 2-3 times to get the same results. One thing to mention is that I did have to double cut some Onion/Garlic crass clumps at times. At slower speeds it cut them fine though. Not sure what the deal is there.

    Warranty – Non-commercial. 3 years, 500 hours is very respectable.


    Fuel tank size, lack of gauge. I mow some big properties and I’m use to looking at a gauge before I head far out and couldn’t see the tank on the B without stepping off to check it. Minor inconvenience. Filling the tank could be easier also. Takes a few seconds to open the door to get to the tank and i found it slightly annoying.


    I’m not a fan of the placement of the wright controls on any of their mowers. Hard to get to the throttle, choke and PTO. Bad boy revolt is the best i've used thus far.

    Front casters:

    I wish wright had made these bigger. No real issue, just a personal preference.


    7mph feels slow if you have experience on faster mowers. If you have never been on a 10mph+ mower you will be fine with 7mph. I realize this is a price point unit but 8 mph would have been great!

    Tires – traction was a big issue for me. It was early April when I demo’d this mower. The ground was soft and bare dirt spots were common in the lawns at that time. I found the tires lost traction easily when they get a little mud in the tread and did not self-clear well at all. Running hills sideways or turning around on even a slight hill proved to be difficult at times if the tires were caked up. They would be fine in dry conditions but honestly for the properties I mow id have to change out the tires.

    Deck belt noise. Not sure if it was a one-off issue or not because I don’t have access to another Stander B to compare to. The deck belt seems like it has slack in it when running. It sort of feels/sounds like a small chunk of belt was missing but the belt looked fine. The belt visually seemed like it had too much slack in it when engaged, the belt was excessively wavy when running. Could be a tensioner issue or a bad belt.. Either way it caused a good bit of vibration in the controls. Mower only had 1 hour on it when I got it, after 6 hours it didn’t seem to get any better. Knowing Wright and their commitment to quality i find it hard to believe that this is the norm for the stander B.

    Bottom line – as long as the belt vibration was a one off this is a solid mower. Hopefully someone else that demos one of these can chime in on their experience with this…

    Beginner or weekend warrior types (Maybe 10-15 yards), this mower is for you. Get your productivity up without breaking the bank. You can finance 100% of this mower at 0% for 42 months through Sheffield, works out to roughly $120 a month. Go mow those yards and put that money towards advertising and grow your business and not drown in expensive mover payments.

    Semi Pro (15-25 yards) – If you are ok with where your business is at and you don’t plan to take any more on it’s an OK mower for you. If you have the budget to step up, id suggest doing so as you would really benefit from higher speed and something with bigger tires for comfort.

    Pros (25+) – Stop trolling, this mower shouldn’t even be on your radar. It would make an excellent backup mower though.

    Hope this helps others considering this mower. I'll do my best to answer any questions you all have, please bare with me as it make some time as i'm not a big computer guy.
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    Great, honest review. Thank you for being thorough.
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    Tires likely overinflated And need to wear to meet their potential.

    Sad to see Wright go the semi pro/homeowner route. They were one the last holdouts
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    What size mower deck was demo'd?
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    Isn’t it Aerocore
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    Yes according to the website the deck is Aerocore.

    The deck gauge is 11 gauge but on an X or a ZK its 7. Also the spindle type is Aluminum and on the X and ZK its ductile iron. I'm assuming areas where they cut costs

    I have the Stander X and love it. Very versatile machine and something I use all day with no problem.
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  8. OP

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    UPDATE: I've had two other members with Stander B's reach out to me and confirm that they are NOT experiencing the deck belt noise/vibration issue that I experienced with my demo unit. Both were kind enough to share mowing video with me and I believe this was a one off incident and very likely a belt issue, not a machine issue. Had I had time to get the unit to a dealer, I'm confident this issue would have been resolved with a simple belt swap.

    My hat goes off to Wright for bringing this mower to market. I personally feel there is nothing wrong with bringing an entry level unit to the market so long as it is marketed accordingly. Wright has been very honest with this machines capabilities, limitations and recommended usage/audience from day one. Its hard to find that kind of transparency these days and to me is speaks volumes about the integrity of Wright MFG...
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    What do you expect them to say? That it’s as good as the pricier offerings so don’t waste your $$$ on our true commercial units.
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    I've had one of these through the dealer so far. Deflate tires to about 9-10 psi and it handles hills like the big boys mostly. It's a fantastic unit for the money. It's not an every day use machine, but for part timers, it's great.

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