Wright Stander B - Demo'd Here is my feedback!


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I picked 1 up this spring to compliment what I already have. Bought it without a demo, infact, the first time I drove it was when I loaded it on my trailer. My business is young and growing and I wanted to get into the stander game. Watching Ed review this mower on youtube and researching what actually went into getting the pricepoint down convinced me.
Ive only put a few hours on the machine so far (im in the north east, still cleanup season) but I find it easy to drive, pleanty of power (used it to push my walker up my trailer when the starter went), and seems to cut well.


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Hi, shutdown. You said you had also tried the Badboy Revolt. Between the two, which to you recommend?

Off the top of my head here are the major differences between the two units:

3100 hydros on wright - 3400 hydros on BB
Motors are basically the same, BB has a commercial air cleaner that requires a little less maintenance.
Speed 7mph on wright, 10mph on revolt.
Lots of accessories available for the wright, grass catchers, chute blocks, striping kits, etc. Badboy design is new to market so it's going to take the aftermarket world sometime to make products that fit it
Warranty: wright 1 year commercial, 3 year homeowner. BB is 2 years regardless of use.
Styling- let's be honest, we've got to give it to BB here. One sexy machine and the controls layout is great.

When i look at the overall differences, the wright seems to make more sense to me from a financial stand point. The aftermarket world is full of accessories for the wright mowers and those same accessories for the stander b will fit other wright mowers, so if you upgrade mowers at some point and go with another wright, you will already have accessories for it. When it comes to financing, wright again is the stand out winner. Badboy has no promos, their financing program sucks and to boot they jack up the price of the unit if you want to finance it? wright has starter fleet program and 0% financing options. Interest free money is great if you are just getting started and dont have the cash. Or if you do have the cash, you atleast now have the option to use it to upgrade your hand helds or trailer and finance the mower interest free.

Dealer support is my biggest worry when it comes to the BB brand. Case and point, I had a minor issue after 1 week if owning my new vride2. I called my Scag dealer, they picked up the mower that afternoon, dropped off a loaner for me and had my machine back to me the very next day. I lost maybe 3 hours of mowing time. (my dealer sells both wright and Scag, so i would have had the same service level with either brand) If I had went with the BB I would have had to haul it to the shop 25 miles away, my local bb dealer deoes NOT have a loaner fleet and I seriously doubt they would have had the part in stock. It probably would have been a few days turn around time and I would have been up the creek without a machine unless I had a backup mower.

Part of owning a business is putting measures in place to ensure you are properly able to service your customers. If I went the BB route I would have had to keep and maintain a back up mower for when things happen. Instead I was able to sell my back up mower and put the money from it towards a nicer machine because I knew I had a great dealer behind me.

In my opinion the stander b is a better value and has a better support network. I'm really not a fan of the BB dealer network and would strongly suggest you dig into the level of support your BB dealer can offer you before you make that purchase.

If you are hung up on having the specs of the BB and dealer support isn't a big issue for you, you may also take want to a look at Bradley mowers. They have some standers that are similar speced to the BB but cost less the wright.

Hope that helps.


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I'm adding a stander B to my fleet when I sell my last ZT. Im solo 48 properties a week of varying sizes plus irrigation. I keep 3 machines in my arsenal. Currently 2 standers and a lone ZT that sits alot with only 60 hrs and it goes 10mph. Honestly who mows full stick at 10mph and does a clean lawn? Transport speed is a non issue going from the trailer to the lawn. Unless you are mowing vast acreage I see no other reason this couldn't be a main mower for residential. I ask myself if I would ever recoup a 12k investment on a mower and the answer is no.. Spend that money elsewhere in your business.

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