Wright Stander Hydro Pumps: Hydrogear vs. Parker, why the change?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olde_blue, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. olde_blue

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    The newest small-frame Standers use Hydrogear 10A pumps (as all Standers did for a while), but the newest large-frame Standers now use a Parker pump. I was wondering if anyone knows why Wright switched to the Parkers and when the switch occurred. Is there a durability or groundspeed advantage to the Parkers?

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knew the history and serial number breakdown of the hydro pumps used on fixed-deck Wright Standers. I have a partial history; please correct it or fill in my gaps.

    Here's what I've pieced together (with some guessing):

    Early Standers used hydrogear 10L pumps which did not automatically return to neutral--they had a looped piece of metal over them and external springs (ref: http://twww.wrightmfg.com/user_images/1/Documents/11184958832.doc).

    SN 0-11935 Used Hydrogear 10L with Ross MF16 motors and went 6.1 mph (6.9 mph with speedup kit).

    SN 12000-20425 (large) or - 20303 (small) Used Hydrogear 10L with Ross MF14 motors and went 8 mph (large).

    SN 20303-present Small frame Standers use Hydogear 10A pumps which automatically return to neutral (no metal loop) and go 7.5 mph with the fatter tires (ref: http://twww.wrightmfg.com/user_images/1/Documents/11185196905.doc).

    SN 20425-? Large Standers also used the Hydrogear 10A pumps, some were rated at 8.4 mph.

    SN ?-Present Large Standers use Parker pumps.

    From surveying the stock at my dealer: the newest small-frame Standers still use the Hydrogear 10A pumps, but the newest large-frame Standers use a Parker pump. :confused:
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    they probably got offered a better deal. Both are good so i wouldn't worry about it.
  3. viper00085

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    its just as said above, all about the deal. also its easier for warranty, no blaming it on the other vendor and losing money. the whole hydro system is from one mfg. some companies went all hydrogear since they came out with there line of wheel motors, and some with parker when there pumps hit.
  4. olde_blue

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    This maybe so, but why didn't they change the brand of pumps on the small frame Stander, too?
  5. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    You could post this in the Wright forum and probably get an answer from Mr. Velky himself.......

    BAKERS LawnSite Member
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    Unknown why they switched, but as of a couple of weeks ago they are switching back to Hydro Gear. I believe there was some problems with Parker.

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