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I've got a stander and like it a lot. I paid $4300.00 for 52 inch with 16hp B&S. I will probably get a bigger engine next year. I don't have much scalping problems but I usually mow at 3 inches. It could go a little faster though. Mine cost about the same as a walkbehind hydro, and I believe it is much faster than a hydro walkbehind.
I operated and mowed with both units on Friday at a Field Day. The Dane is a far superior unit for many reasons. I hope to have a complete review posted on my web site in the next couple of days.


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I have a 48" Stander & love it. The 61" is the one that I heard has the scalping problems. I know a guy with 3 of the Danes and he can give you a list of why the Wright is better, so it sounds like it can go both ways. He already made whatever deal on the Danes so he's keeping them for now and told me he might switch to the Stander when they're paid for. I think its just like the Lazer vs Chopper argument, both of these mowers have their fans too.


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That Super Surfer is a nice mower. If you change the height of cut much I would sure look at one first. BRL: Is that list about the Super Surfer or a standard model Dane? Would sure like to hear his reasons though. I have been looking at both for a few months now.



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I have 61' Stander and love it. Yes, you can scalp if you don't pay attention to what you are doing. I used to think 61" deck was big...but it's not. I also have 52" Toro Z, but now prefer the Stander most of the year. Now that we're bagging fall leaves, I'm using the Z with a Peco bagger attatchment. However, I can mow a property with the Stander equiped with double blades and the leaves will disapear. No one mower is "perfect" for all properties. If you want more info from Wright Stander I can give you email address of their national sales rep.
Thanks for the replies. I didn't know of another brand that made stander mowers and the surfer model has alot to offer as well. I will mull over it as I have lots of time to think about purchasing. This would get me started and time will prove what will be the best choice. Hawaii does not sell either one to my knowledge and most here don't go beyond a standard 21' WB.
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Here are some key things that make the Stander superior to the Super Surfer:
The stander has better weight distribution than the SS. Try crossing a steep hill or backing up a hill with the SS.
Also when turning on flat ground the excessive front weight of the SS makes the back end slide too much. It does this for the same reason that when your child stands on the front of a shopping cart, you find that you have to slide the back end around in order to steer.
Look at the structure and thickness of the steel on both machines and then look at the warranty.