Wright stander or John Deere Quik-Trak

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jozgators, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Jozgators

    Jozgators LawnSite Member
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    Looking to replace W/B with a quik trak or stander. Leaning more towards john deere because of the deck adjustment. I cut St. Augustine 4inches and bahia around 3. How do these two units mulch? I have done a couple of searches and saw that some people don't like the john deere but never explained why. Thanks for any input
  2. QualityLawnCare4u

    QualityLawnCare4u LawnSite Gold Member
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    I have never owned the quik trac but have owned a JD717 and still have my 737. I believe they both have the same exact deck and they mulch fantastic! Vertually eliminated all my bagging (except a few). You cant tell the difference in the lawn when you get thru mulching verses bagging. I have not seen much on here about the quik trac but the stander is very popular with LS folks.
  3. heavenlydeere

    heavenlydeere LawnSite Member
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    i run four jds, 2 757s and 2 777s ,they are the best ive ever used or demoed,
    no problems at all , well a couple of flat caster tires here and there, all in all ,supreme performance, i dont know why the quik trac would be any different!!!!

    MORETORQUE LawnSite Member
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    I rented a JD quik trac for 2 days, mower rating TRASH PERIOD! My freind bought one, his rating TRASH PERIOD! You might as well get the JD rider!

    Yes the JD quiktrash has a nice deck but it is all downhill from there. Both me and my freind have used the old style Great Dane which is a close copy to a Wright stander, and it is superior to a JD quiktrac PERIOD!
  5. dobehap

    dobehap LawnSite Senior Member
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    Using the mower for 2 days, doesnt justify your verdict. Sure, the mower has a longer learning curve. But, there are others, including myself, who love the mower.

    I have the 60" quicktrac.
  6. naturescape

    naturescape LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I don't think the reason for not liking this mower is in the learning curve. I demoed different ones twice last year, just a short time each. The problem is they are VERY UNRESPONSIVE on turns. The Wright is much better overall.
  7. ProMo

    ProMo LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just purchased one last saturday and it is a well built machine, the mulch kit outperforms the one on my 36 exmark almost no blowout. My customers never say anything about my equipment but they know the john deere name and a few have come out for a closer look. I have a couple of issues with the cut but the machine is not trash its actually outperforming my dixie on time spent on lawn because im not double cutting to get rid of clippings.

    MORETORQUE LawnSite Member
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    You just don't know anybetter, I will list problems Wright now and believe me they got'em

    Problem # 1 my freind has had has been reliability, mower has been down often. He doesn't like it either because he has used a real stand on. This has nothing to do with my rating, this is his experience with it.

    Problem # 2 machine is heavy as hell and when you get it stuck it is pain in the a$$ to get unstuck.

    Problem # 3 machine has little wheels so it gets stuck often.

    Problem # 4 machine is longer and not as venuverable as a Wright stander and because of the lenght it tears the turf just as bad as a big rider so you might as well have a rider.

    Problem # 5 machine front end is so heavy you cannot wheelie over stuff and finess the machine in certain conditions. You see on a rider you can hit the deck pedal to finess the deck on a quiktrac you are screwed.

    Problem # 6 resale value, you can find these machines for next to nothing because their glarring defects destroy resale value. TRASH PERIOD!

    I could go on and on,I rented one and it was a frustrating experience. Machine got stuck 3 times and almost had a heart attack getting it unstuck.

    Positives the deck cuts nice and you can really get a good deal on a used one.

    MORETORQUE LawnSite Member
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    The machine is not that bad but compared to the old style Great dane it has alot of problems for certain applications. I will not get into details but on properties where you have to go over curbs or other obstacles the lighter smaller machines are superior.

    One time a small tree stump got caught between the deck and the rear wheel on quiktrac and I could not get it out because of the mini floating wheel on the side of the deck. I thought it was me and then somebody else told me they had the same problem. You see on the rider with the big wheels which I have used the 757 nice machine it would not have got stuck and has a pedal to raise the deck to get unstuck.
  10. Itsgottobegreen

    Itsgottobegreen LawnSite Silver Member
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    Get the stander. Way less headace with its fixed deck and shorter wheel base. I got three and love them. Its all I will buy. I got ride of my ZTR and my wide area walkbehinds. The stander can everything from a postage stamps lawn and to 3 acres. Its faster than a walkbehind and almost can keep up with a ZTR.

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