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Wright Stander price


LawnSite Member
How much will dealers normally go down in the price of a new mower. I'm looking at a Wright Stander RH that is priced at $5,600. Any idea how much I can talk them down?


LawnSite Gold Member
Chesapeake VA
Your buying at the wrong time of the year. Channel partners discount. They are way cheaper in the Winter than in the Spring. If you bag get the grass gobbler.


LawnSite Senior Member
South Louisiana
Ditto what dKoester said.

Wait until reindeer season, then you can take advantage of Wright's Channel Partner Discount Program.

The only way you will get the dealer to come down any further on the price is if they are really needing to get the unit out of their inventory. With regards to Wright Stander RH mowers, I sincerely doubt that is the case in any dealer's situation.

I'm not sure if you are looking for the Stander Rapid-Hite 36" model or not; nevertheless, it is a high-demand machine, especially down here in the south. So, it might actually be kind of difficult to get your paws on one right now. Furthermore, a discount might also be hard to come by.