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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by RLS24, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. skeller257

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    I've been looking at the Wright with the 52 Aero Core Deck. Does anyone use a mulching kit with theirs and how has it worked out for you in all grass cutting situations?
  2. Looked at the tires in my stander today. At 404 hours, they still have plenty of life in them...something must be up with yours...
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    My dealer said between 200-400 hours is about normal wear on the Stander tires. With about a week to go in leaf season, I ran over something and completely gashed the sidewall, so I'm gonna need a new one now anyway lol.

    As mentioned earlier, I wish I had waited and got the aero core deck but I was kind of in a bind at the time. Here are some pics of cut quality:

    this shows about the height and quality of grass I'm dealing with. Not a manicured lawn, but not a weed field either. Pretty mediocre for lawns around here.

  4. RLS24

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  5. I dunno dude...200-400 hours seems low. I got 420 on my stander and can probably get another 200 from the tires....
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  6. Exmarkboy13

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    Hows the serviceability and fuel economy on the stander? Is it a low cost machine to operate? How easy is it for new hires to get the hang of. My guys have trouble getting ahang of the hydro walk behinds, but I just love how low cost they are to operate! Any opinion ?
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    You're 14 years old and have a crew??
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    I would have liked to try a wright but have no dealers in central mo. I bought a 61 scag vride for 7750 before tax so that put me out the door at around 8500 so you can afford a scag. btw I love the v ride.
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    Regarding the backfire on shutdown....One of the dealers around here told me what causes it and what I agree is the best way to prevent it. When you shutdown a carbureted engine at or below around 3/4 throttle it continues pulling gas through the carb after the spark plug has stopped firing, when that gas hits the hot muffler it explodes which is the backfire.

    To prevent the backfire without just shutting off at full throttle, what you do is go down to idle turn the key off and then immediately push the throttle up to high while the engine spins down. That has always elminated the backfire without having to shut down at full throttle, which I don't like doing rather or not it hurts anything, just feels wrong,lol.

    Of course the best way to eliminate that issue is an efi engine, they never backfire:)

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