Wright stander RH deck repair.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Andyshine77, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Andyshine77

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    I've had my stander for two years, and it only has 60 hours on it. Anyway I've never really liked the mower that much, poor traction, bad quality of cut, and a few other small things.

    Anyway I was cutting it tall grass the other day, and for no apparent reason the discharge blade and the center blade started taping together. I inspected the deck and the discharge blade spindle was cocked sideways, the spindle itself is fine however the deck itself is bent. I took the mower to my dealer and he said I must have hit something, even though he admitted he saw no signs of an impact, so I'm still stuck with the repair bill.

    Paying the bill sucks, but that's not what I'm worried about. What I am worried about is the way the deck was fixed. My dealer said they bent it and pounded it back into shape. Now I'm not the sharpest guy, but I have worked with metal and I do know about metal fatigue.

    So is bending and hammering the deck back into shape the proper way to fix the deck? Will the fix last? What happened to the Wright spons
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    1. Is the the proper way? I'm sure Wright would not recommend it but what is your alternative?........Wright will tell you to buy a new deck. payup

    2. Will it last? My shop has hammered, bent and porta powered more decks then I can remember with no issues unless the metal was too thin or rotten to be safe.

    3. What happened to the Wright spons? I don"t know but how would they help you anyway? They will not cover your issue under any kind of warranty.
  3. Andyshine77

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    Thanks for taking the time and answering my question.

    I was hoping a mower like this would at least have some type of backing from the manufacture because of the low hours, I guess times have changed:).
  4. MowerMedic77

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    Your warranty much like most other commercial warranties are based on 12 or 24 months(depending on manufacture) and not hours of use(hour meters break too:laugh:), they also only cover defect in material and workmanship. And at two years they have held up their end of the deal even if you only have 60hrs. I doubt that your deck just bent from normal use, heavy gage plate steel tends not to do that. If your dealer had a good relationship with his Wright rep. and he honestly thought that your mower should be covered he would have gone to bat for you.
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    I have also straightened many decks. You didn't say how it cut. Being that they charged you make sure your blade alignment is exact, side to side (blade tip to blade tip) and front to back. Did you have any other damage such as bent blade or bolt. Broken spindle? Sound like you hit something, just a guess
  6. South Florida Lawns

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    Why should a warranty cover your bent deck? You did it, its not like it failed because of defect. If you hit a tree with your car and bend the bumper do you think the dealer will cover it?

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