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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by deere615, Jan 8, 2012.

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    Well I have had the mower since June and have put 200hrs on it so I figure its time for a review.I have had and still have an 08 stander RH 48"

    The mower I got in June is the Stander X 28". The dealer I went too is a newer dealer here, which is nice because there are alot of Wrights ran in this area and only 2-3 dealers one of which closed up last year. My dealer is A+++ the great me by name every time I walk in! I was one of the first if not the first to get the stander X 48" in my area. I paid $8600 which is a bit high but I feel well worth it.

    Its obvious Wright listened to their customers because they changed everything people dislike about the old RH's. The X is a bigger build overall bigger tires which are a huge plus, battery is moved, spring platform, and a bigger Kawasaki engine! My RH always did good on hills but the X does even better! The X is faster and the bigger cushion provides more comfort.

    Many people question about these are the deck. With my RH I never had too many problems besides some clumping when mowing wet grass. With the X I can assure you the new deck design is awesome! Perfect cut and hardly every leaves clumps. The floating deck is so much nicer going over objects and rough terrain.

    My 3 cons are one the engine being mounted on the floating deck it tends to bounce alot but as time went on I got used to it. When I first got the machine when you shut it off it was back firing. Dealer told me to shut it off at half throttle and I havent had a problem with that since. Last is the most annoying the controls are more touchy and tend to stick making it harder to keep straight lines especially in reverse it has been like this since day one and never loosened up. I heard its just an adjustment from one person but have yet to figure that out so if anyone knows let me know!
    Overall this has been the best mower I have ever owned and will buy another when the time comes!

    heres 3 videos of mine:

    Day I got it:


    Speed test-RH vs X

    Any questions ask!
  2. kgflyboy

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    Did you lower the striping flap, or is it at the original setting?
  3. turfbuilder

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    Any reason why you chose the 48" over the 52" ?
  4. c2weech

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    You talked about the motor being mounted on the floating deck that is the thing that worries me most do you think that it can damage the engine over time

    or do you think the weight of the motor actually helps to keep the deck from jumping to high?
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    Thanks for the review. What size engine is on yours?
  6. deere615

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    Nope nothing was changed, wrights stripe very well from the factory, I have never had any striping kit on any of my mowers
    yes the way they fit on my trailer I can squeeze the 2 21"ers past them without having to take the standers off, plus the other was a 48 so they match when mowing together. For some reason the 48s are much more popular here than 52s my dealer has and still has the same 52 stander X sitting in his showroom since spring all he just doesnt seem to sell them
    Well I was as concerned as you seem when I first got it but after a rough 200hrs it still hasnt given one problem nothing loose or any motor problems. So it was proven fine to me, I dont really think it helps but I dont think it hurts as much as it would seem. I very rarely even raise my deck up when going up the trailer now as the deck glides right up compared to the RH
    Yep, 24hp kawasaki, my older RH is a 19hp kawa
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  8. deere615

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  9. kgflyboy

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    It's funny how preferences vary by region. Everyone around here uses 52s and 36s primarily, but If you travel a couple hundred miles in any direction everything changes. For instance, I know in other areas 48s are more common. The same is true for brands. Wright Standers are the most popular commercial mowers around here, at least among the large companies. But if you travel to the other side of the state, nearly everyone is running Exmarks, which are rare here.

    ps. Thanks for the review. I watched your videos on youtube before buying my Stander X. I really depend on people like you who post reviews and videos to help me research each time I buy equipment.
  10. deere615

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    Yes brands do very alot heck just north of me wrights are non existent its this specfic area everyone uses them But the 52/48 is crazy too, I have some friends over in ohio that all they use is 52s no one there has 48s they were telling me its the way houses are built around them and the stripes along the street a 52 is perfect for where as 48s you have to make another pass.
    And yes not a problem, I do it because I depend on others for things I buy also!

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