Wright Stander X REVIEW

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by deere615, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I had the same issues with the controls feeling sticky, my dealer said there was a recall on the hydros and replaced them. Can't wait to try them out, this was on a 2010 x model. As for the stripping I never like how the deck would bounce up when you backed up...I put a scag stripping kit (bolts right on) on it and it produces great lines.
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  2. deere615

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    hmm I will have to look into this maybe the wright rep will chime in to confirm it was a recall mine was brought in June 2011
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    OP have you had problems with the wheels spinning out at all? Every time, well not every time, but pretty often one wheel always seems to spin out if I back up or turn. Granted it always does it on a hill, wet grass or scarse grass. But when I cut the same lawns and back up or turn in the same spots with other mowers, I don't have a problem. What's funny about that is that I can cut that same lawn with my heavier hustler ride on and bigger tires and no problem. These standers I thought were suppose to alleviate that problem cause there lighter, but it almost seems as if they spin out BECAUSE they're lighter. It's like because it's so much lighter that the mower doesn't seem to have as good of traction with the lawn so the tires spin out easier. IDK I just seem to be having a lot of problems with that. Also it doesn't really seem to give the greatest cut sometimes. Anyone else with this tire spinning out issue?
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    the tires spun a little too much for me one my first stander the RH model. The X is 10x better and yes they will still spin but you just have to know how to work the throttle every grass type is different some I will never spin on so I have to be real careful on turns and hills. As per cut quality never was an issue for me I think the cut quality especially with the new deck is amazing
  5. jimjoy12

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    The new decks are great> I Think tire spin is a problem on all stander types
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    If I had a dealer closer to be I would be demoing one for sure

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