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    wright stander XXX is a complete piece of crap I was tallked into gettin one by the stander rep after i had a nightmare time with my first wright stander rapid hieghts that fell apart in my hands . last year i purchased a regular wright stander fixed deck 52 with the 23 horse kawi that machine is awsome so any way I was in the market for another machine so the stander rep tells me about the stander x so I buy one use it on the first day the tank sucked it self it machine blew flames and kept back fireing and the deck slams up and down hard I bring it back they fix it it was a recal on the breather cap on the tank but they ajust the springs on the deck to stop the slamming i take it back use it again the first day the fn wheel falls off destroys the hub and rime still back fire and the deck slams hard on un even lawns anyways i didnt want the machine anymore so finally my dealer who really helped me out took it back and i got a 2011 52 /23 fixed deck a proven machine I fell that wright rushed out the first rapid height machines and they were crap i put tons of $$ into them to keep them working crackes fram and all I also feel that wright ruched the stander x out and this will be a huge problem

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