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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ronslawncare, Jul 25, 2001.

  1. ronslawncare

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    any new info on the stander .you never really here a thing on this forum about them .walkbehinds and ztrs weres all the input on standon riders.i heard there decks crack thats on the 61 .if any1 could kindly post all info on this that they know b4 i take the plunge and buy one. there real tempting plus i cant afford a z yet maybe next year .the stander is quite popalar over here.this or either a scag 36 hydro with the advatage deck is my other choice .i would love a exmark but thats not one of my local dealers .also this will be my main mower for about 40 accounts..
  2. BRL

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    "you never really here a thing on this forum about them ."

    That's because there aren't many complaints or problems about them to ask for help with ;) If you do a search you will find a few threads about them. I have one & love it. Demo one first, just like buying any brand of mower. Good luck.
  3. LJ lawn

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    i demo'd a sentaur last week.seems like a cool machine.you can stand or sit on a motorcycle style seat. has floating/adjustable deck. thing is pretty quick too.i just don't think i can get used to the steering levers.they are nice if you don't have to collect anything,but i need a dual purpose machine that i can do leaves with in the fall.
  4. crazygator

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    Well, I looked at them at the expo in Louisville and thought they looked weaker in construction as compared to other brands. One machine I do like is the Hustler Shortcut. It comes with a 48, 54 or 60" deck with 17-23 hp Kawasaki or 20-25 hp Kohler. This is a really cool little machine. Check it out and I think you will like it too. Also construction is like a tank. Really overbuilt when compared to others similar in design. I wish you well in your search for a new toy! http://www.excelhustler.com
  5. Stinger

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    One of my friends runs a 36" Stander. He says it beats the 36" Toro's he used before. A little different control set up, but once you catch on no problems at all. The only drawback is the height adjustment. Some washers/spacers need to be added or removed from the front caster wheels in order to change cut. This is what my dealer said and didn't sound really clear when explaining. I understand there is also a height adjustment in the rear also. Rumor is the Great Dane Super Surfer is a better performer production wise, good luck!
  6. Guardian

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    I demo-ed the Wright 61 inch last week. Very fast, very efficient. I am not used to a 61 - mainly I use a 44 so I was suprised that I didnt have any more trim work left over than usuall. What I didnt like was how difficult it is to adjust the deck. You have to completely remove the back wheels to set up a 2 to 3 1/2 cutting range. If you need 4", get out your jack, reset the wheel assembly again. Another complaint is standing too close to the back tires - when you go thru wet or muddy conditions, its going to get on YOU. Finally, It coughed a little too much. I believe I have no reason to leave eXmark.
  7. GrassChopper

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    I was using a 52" Howard Price WB when I demoed the Wright 48" Stander. I bought it!!

    I liked it so much that I bought a second one, a 36".

    THey are very fast and maneuverable. They take less space on your trailer. The Wrights have a lifetime warranty on the deck and masts.

    The only drawbacks are WATCH YOUR HEAD (you are higher than before and tree limbs can whack you in the head) and it is a little more dificult the get to the blades than a wb. You can push down on the handles on a wb and pop it up on curbs, you can't with a Stander. I have ramps now.

    The Standers have made it more feasible for some of my commercial accounts. One used to take 8 hours, now it takes 5. The other used to take 6 hours, now it takes 4. I make more per hour now than before.
  8. SLS

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    I've been wondering what the deal is with the stander-type mowers are too.

    The only one I've seen in my parts is a Great Dane 'Super Surfer' and the lawns it is used on are not cut smooth for some reason. The finished cut looks like a bunch of 'speed bumps' lined up in rows....or a very short soy bean field. It also cuts a bad scalp line in the broadest of turns...completely unacceptable scalp lines in the ditch areas that would give my Laser no problem at all.

    I've heard about the frame cracking and head clearance problem too on this board.

    Last time I went to my Exmark dealer (he has Great Dane too) there were 5 Super Surfers in the repair area! I inquired about this phenonenal number of identical machines in for repairs and he just kinda muttered and stumbled about "oh, they just need tires, oil changes,...uh, you know..."

    Not one of those machines had worn out tires on them. I think he was embarrassed to tell me what the REAL problem was.

    From just what I've witnessed there is no way in hell I would buy one of those contraptions... :(
  9. ronslawncare

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    thanx again im going to find out the pricer on them i think the 36 is 3,800 .i think i might get one ill let you all no soon.....

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