Wright Standers


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Recently I purchased a new 36" Stander for the back yards with the small gates. (We all know these yards) I am having problems with it scalping, Doesn't matter how I cut or tire Pressure. It still scalps, My 54" Does not scalp at all. the dealer told me to cut in a different direction, Well that was words of wisdom, (It didn't work either) Does anyone have any good suggestions? And what do you think of the MTD mowers? (Was thinking of buying one of those)


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Sounds weird, but this is what I've done in the past: secured a heavy brick at the front to add weight, and then adjust the mowing heights so the the front is at 3.5 inches and back is at 2.5 inches. I used to find the scalping occured when it ran into uneven lawns and it dipped into the lawn. I added the brick because on uneven lawns the bouncing caused it to dive down and scalp more. After the adjustments it still happened but only a fraction of the time and never as bad a scalp.<br>

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