Wright Z zero turn mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by domain311, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. domain311

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    On paper, this thing sounds real good...for the 61" I am considering:

    31hp Kawi
    Hundreds of pounds lighter than similar machines-this is real important to me...
    15 gallon fuel tanks
    16cc hydros
    Engine, seat and hydros lower to ground

    All for the cheap price of $10,200.00...maybe a little less but thats the first price he told me...

    Now, I can barely find any feedback or info on them from real users though...I know a lot of people use and like their standers though...

    And dealers that sell Wright stuff typically sell the standers and not the z because they already have a brand or 2 of other zero turns they are trying to sell...

    So...looks like I might have a hard time trying before buying first, which I'd prefer. And there is limited info, which sucks. I always like to do a lot of research before I buy anything.

    Anyone have any feedback on the z machine?
  2. unkownfl

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    If its just speed you can get a Gravely with bigger pumps and 13mph capability. I have a Wright Z 25hp Kawasaki with a 52 deck. I bought it with less than 300 hrs and now have 500. I had to replace spindles when I first got it they're 200 a piece so a little of 600 on top of the 3200 I paid. The mower deck is thin mine is slightly bent when I put the blades in line they are about 1/8-1/4 uneven and its not the blades. You can't see it when I mow but the tires on the 52 are pretty narrow but that's with any model. I think the reason my spindles were bad, was because the owner never took any care of it. I really like the mower. The seat is comfortable user control are nice besides the PTO being right where my elbow is and every once in awhile I turn it off on accident. I've had a dozen other brands of mowers and would say this is my favorite. Super small foot print on the trailer, super fast, and really easy to get to everything for service. Basically never have to grease it. The Z uses different spindles than the standers so that's why they cost so much. It does take two different hydro filters unlike other models only taking one.
  3. pugs

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  4. domain311

    domain311 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks...what does that mean exactly though? The time frame right now and it should be around $8,831....but I was quoted $10,200.00? I know thats MSRP...but what do I do, go and show the dealer this sheet or something?
  5. domain311

    domain311 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your input
  6. domain311

    domain311 LawnSite Member
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    Nevermind I just saw the coupon on their site. $8,500?! What am I missing? Seems like a really good deal to me....
  7. G. Ramey

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    I happened to be in a dealership one day when the wright distributor showed up with a trailer load of wright mowers, he was trying to get the dealership to start carrying wrights. Since I was there I got to ride and cut with all the wright mowers he brought. I tried all the standers and the sentar and the wright z. I really liked the z and have thought of getting one ever since that say. I have a hustler and that wright z handled ever bit as good as my hustler. I love the light weight of the machine and the low center of gravity. My pet peeve is ruts left by heavy machines and I thing the wright z would have a very light footprint. I would like to know how the deck cuts. Although I did cut with it the grass was short already and I really didn't get a real world look at how it cuts. Does anyone know if the same deck is used on the standers as on the wright z.
  8. domain311

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    Exactly what I'm thinking...its just killing me not be able to get much feedback on them yet. I am very, very tempted though now because of that seasonal deal they do...$8,500 bucks sounds like a real sweet deal to me...I would wait until November for sure and buy then.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it...
  9. Lawn Pawn

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    You want your technical questions answered about Wright...... call them up.

    There is no...... "we will call you back bullcrap"
    I have NEVER been on hold for more than a minute or two..... have always talked with same guy on the phone..... and he has admitted to some of the shortcomings when I just asked him flat out!

    Same way with Scag!
    Nobody at the factory has ever jerked me around...... Dealers yes..... the manufacturer no.
  10. pugs

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    You may have to pay some shipping if the dealer doesnt have one in stock. I have not had to special order one for this program in some time so not sure if Wright covers the shipping. Basically just bring that coupon in and the price list if the dealer doesnt know about it. Honestly I just print the coupon off for my customers when I do the registration stuff. If you do end up wanting to get in on this deal, let the dealer know early on so they have plenty of time to get the machine in during the date range. They need to get it, sell it and register it during the timeframe or you get the next timeframe pricing.

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