Wright ZK or the new Wright Intensity?

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52" Wright ZK or Wright Intensity

  1. 52" Wright ZK

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  2. 52" Wright Intensity

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  1. grahambino2001

    grahambino2001 LawnSite Member
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    I have had a lot of different Wright models over the past 10 years. They have always been an incredible machine for me. Here are the models I've owned and what I can say about them.
    2001 52"Sentar-was a great machine for the time but controls were terrible. Cut quality was good. Terrible in wet grass.
    2007 52" fixed deck- great great mower. I built my business with this mower and still have it to this day. It has around 2800 hrs on it and I've never had any major breakdowns with it. The older it gets the better it cuts although it is getting to be slow as the hydro linkage is wearing out and getting play in it. Bulletproof machine. Very maneuverable. Very light. Does well on hills.
    2010 36" rapid height- wasn't a big fan. I have to cut a lot of steep stuff and this thing just wasn't good on slopes at all. Probably be good on flat terrain. Sold it after 80 hrs.
    2011 ZK 52" 31hp- It's not a bad machine but stay with a fixed deck here is why. This machine weighs in at 1200lbs. That is an extra 400lbs just to have adjustable deck. 400lbs of extra weight to haul around all day hurts your mpg. It's no faster than the new fixed deck. It's not as good on hills. The aerocore deck is way better. Zk is terrible in wet conditions. It clumps really bad and ruts lawns up as it's soo heavy. That being said I have one for sale. Around 1000hrs on it. $4500 lol
    Now what I consider to be the best of all of the Wrights. 2013 52" and a 61" both with the 26hp, aerocore fixed decks. I love this machine. Really quick, good cut,no double cutting necessary,never break down,most maneuverable mower you will find. They do better in wet grass than anything else I've used. They do still clump,however not as bad as most. The only down fall is you have to be careful not to turf the yard with the scalp wheel on the non discharge side of the deck. When transitioning from aslope or bank to flat ground it likes to dig in. Im used to it now though and it's not that big of a deal to avoid it. I'm getting two more this year
  2. The Red Center

    The Red Center LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the responses! I have decided to go with the ZK as most of what I would use it for is wide open and flat. I haven't been mowing with it yet as everything in Oklahoma is still dormant but just test driving it around my storage facility it does seem I made the correct choice. Compared to my 36" stander it seems incredibly fast. I don't know if you can mow at full speed but moving between cutting locations on some of my properties will be much faster. I have a lot of experience on my 36" stander so the controls are not that difficult and I have no issues with steering sensitivity/maneuverability. Other than the increased size I have no issues reaching what I did before. The ride does seem much smoother than the 36". I will try to update when the cutting season starts if anybody is interested. Thanks again for all the help!
  3. RodneyK

    RodneyK LawnSite Senior Member
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    Check your deck pitch. If that is off it will not cut well.
  4. SummitLawns

    SummitLawns LawnSite Member
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    How has your experience been with that ZK been so far this season? How does it do it wet conditions? Does it clump bad or does it distribute out the grass evenly?

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