Wrist for a mini Excavator

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by DirtMerchant, May 24, 2010.

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    I work as an operator for a contractor, mainly screening and crushing with a Deere loader. I have been thinking of getting out of the industry for sometime and going back being a conductor and finishing up my engineering with the Railway. It's a steady income and bank looks more favorably upon a railway employee then someone in construction as far as loans go. Or so I've been told. I'm on track to buy my first home next year and have been weighing my options. Always have loved trains and heavy equipment, like many of us on here. Just an average guy.

    Anyways, as well as working as being an operator I run a side "Business" of sorts. When small companies are looking for equipment but don't have personnel on payroll with the right experience to find iron for them they call me. Now usually the equipment used, but relatively new (around the thousand hour mark). I keep tabs on different online auctions, attend RB, and am on very good terms with several large bailiffs. Instead of a company having someone keep up on what is new in the industry, equipment values, and whats reliable, they just call me. They simply explain what they work is required and give me a budget. I then present them with several possible solutions, one of which they select. After that I will seek out the right piece of equipment for them in a given time period. I receive a small fee for my time. And the company is thus able to grow with no downtime or loss of man power.

    It should be said most of these businesses are small as fleet sizes go. Some of clients are Ski Resorts, Supply Centers, Transfer Stations, or personal needs. I worked for a resort a few years ago and after witnessing the colossal loss of money and time due to repairs and poor choice of equipment, I presented the operations manager and owners with a few suggests at the end of the season. They appreciated what I had to say and asked if I would be able to aid them in finding the equipment. I helped them in locating T190 with a blower, snow pusher attachments for WA380, and 950 series loaders, and a Zx135US since then. Companies I deal with usually have 3-7 machines that aren't running full days, year round. One employee will run 2 or more machines as needed. I've done work for friends who are operators but could care less about knowing the specs of all the machines and wasting time at auctions. They just want a mini, or bobcat or small dozer for their farm or acreage, and don't have a fortune but want something reliable for the next 3-5 years while they are doing any given project. It isn't full-time work, I make very very little money of it. When I ask questions sometimes they're to do with work, other times they're questions for me, sometimes it's for a client. I don't know everything about everything and will never claim too. I am always learning and trying to increase my knowledge, so the suggestions that I make are the better every time. I do enjoy it though, and possibly in the future as I make more connections and companies expand it may become more then a hobby. As you know from being in the industry, connections are important as is your reputation.

    I believe I've explained myself. Any other demands.
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    So your a equipment consultant for small fleets, thats pretty sweet side gig. When you said you were looking for a wrist, were you talking tilt only or tilt+rotate?
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    Tilt, Already found what I was looking for. Cat rentals have given me a pretty nice quote that I believe is fair for a used one. Now I just have to see how my auctions go I've got 2-35's and 1-27 I'm watching. The 27 has really low hours and may be able to work in a little tighter areas. Should aid them when hardscaping involving slopes in between two structures. Like I said every once in awhile I'll get a call and have a new project. I enjoy it, plus it keeps me in loop for snagging equipment for myself especially when it comes to niche work..

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