Wrist Pain and weedeaters

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by N.TX, Jun 5, 2008.

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    I dont know if any of you guys have this problem. I had a car accident about 6yrs ago and my wrists bother me alot now. Using the weedeater kills my wrist and i have used just about every commercial weedeater made. I recently bought a shindiawa weedeater and all of a sudden my wrist pain is gone. It had to go in the shop because i broke something on it and i used the other weedeater and the pain was right back. So i just thought if any of you guys have that problem you might give the shindiawa a try.
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    That is interesting you say that...
    I am personally a fan of Stihl products, but every single last one of their long-shaft devices such as trimmers and edgers and pole pruners have the most idiotic design in ways of a handle, as far as I'm concerned. First I can't hold these things without feeling all of the vibration of the machine, then half the time no matter how much I tighten it up it still slips meaning the handle doesn't stay where it's supposed to...

    So, I spent the $25 each and bought several Echo D-handles and I install these cushioned sports-grip handles on every long-shaft device of mine. If one should fail the handle is one of the first things that comes off, I love those Echo D-handles.

    It is the most comfortable, I can't stand wrist discomfort either... It isn't so much about the discomfort, it's that it turns to pain and that can lead to CTS and I've heard stories of numbness and tingling that won't go away...
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    I run the articulated (flex-head) shrub trimmers a lot at this time of year, and my left forearm is on fire, particularly when running a string trimmer. Anymore, I try to find areas where I can do it one-handed.

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