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write down the "deal"

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. David Gretzmier

    David Gretzmier LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,646

    I have made deals from time to time to close jobs when folks make me an offer of some sort. but after bring burned a few times, I learned my lesson and always write it down on the contract they sign exactly what was agreed to. That issue came up yesterday, and this is how it went down.

    last year I picked up a home that had a gated entry for the home. It was quite large and they wanted several items, but in the end, they said they only wanted to spend 2000. I had about 300 feet of c-9s, 2 wreaths, starbursts, mini-lights in 3 very large tree bushes, bows, etc. about a 3800 buck job. it was the end of the season, I had some inventory left over, so I did the deal and wrote it down and explained it. They would purchase the c-9 product for 2000 and I would install it, and the rehang for the c-9s in 2010 would be 1000. all the other items, and I wrote this on the contract, were free for 2009 only. I remember explaining that if she would budget 2800 for 2010, then she would then purchase the remaining product, and her rehang in 2011 would be around 1600. she agreed, and signed, but to be honest, she was just excited about getting a 3800 buck job for 2000. I did 1000 down, and I did repeat it just to make sure when I picked up the other 1000 after it was up. she loved it.

    Normally, my free for this season only deals go well, but this one turned bad yesterday. she wanted me to do the job, but only at the c-9 rehang price. I explained I could not give her the other stuff for free again, she would have to purchase it, and then it got a little ugly.

    we have all heard it before, I paid a ton of money last year, I was not happy, and I thought I bought all that stuff, etc. I just pointed out that I forget things too, so that is why I write it down so I know what we agreed to. I showed her my yellow carbon copy, and reminded her she got a white copy with the same info on it. Of course then she wanted to swap the c-9's for the wreaths, starbursts, etc, but I would not budge, and I knew we were done, and I dropped off her stuff yesterday on my way home, which is actually a violation of my own rules.

    In the end, she got a great deal but does not feel so. she paid no rental fees or install fees on anything but the c-9s. I did get the job and made money on the c-9s last year, and I can sell the stuff I have. the cords and timers that went with the free stuff are always welcome to get back as well.

    i hate to lose a customer, but in the end, even if you need the rehang money, I try to not let folks run over me. If you do, then next year the rehang is 500 and they want the free stuff agian.

    The lesson confirmed here is to write down any deal you make in detail, but be prepared for it not to work out anyway.

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