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write off or sketchy piece with Irs?


LawnSite Silver Member
My aeration business has more than doubled in the last couple of year and every year I turn down 1.5 acre and larger properties due to the lack of equipment and making it affordable to them. This year I was contemplating a small tractor and a pull behind. However a thinning and moving of 20 acres has come about and I am contemplating getting a 4 wheeler with a winch to do this. I was also looking at using the 4 wheeler with a pull-behind aerator for the Maintenance side. I'm sure this will be easily a write off however I do not want to be audited and go through a grueling ordeal just because the flag went up with TOY.
I am sure they can write it off like the truck where I write down mileage or hours of use during work and other necessary use. Deduct work part and not the other. Any info if you have ever dealt with this would be appreciated.
7000 4 wheeler compared to a cheap 12000 tractor would be nice.
Now if I could use a tractor more I would go that way.

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
I was able to use my 4 wheel drive ATV with the snow plow as a write off! My accountant is a CPA and she said it was kosher. On the other hand I also had a 2 wheel drive sport atv as well, I don't remember if that was even brought up or not, but I looked at it as, if anyone asked it was clear which one was for "work" and which one was for "play".

Trying to use an atv as a tractor, or in place of, is pretty last resort... A wench on an atv won't pull anything out, other than the atv itself if it's stuck in the mud or something. It's just too light to pull other things. A 4 wheel drive atv can pull some pretty good weight around, but any more weight than the rider can make them pretty hard to steer and control. I thought the snow blade on mine was going to be really sweet, but in reality it was so light that it just rode up and over any snow that was frozen hard. Light powder it worked good on, light wet stuff it did good too, but as soon as that snow sat overnight and froze good the atv was out.

Using the atv for pulling an areator is a good idea, but you will need to invest on some turf friendly tires! The ones that came stock on my vinson would almost rototill just going straight at even a low speed driving thru my lawn! Turning was very rough on the turf, and turning tight was out of the question!