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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnagent, Dec 27, 2002.

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    How do or did everyone go about writing a business plan? I have struggled in business for several years. I just recently found lawnsite,:( I wish I'd found it sooner! I am going to attempt to write me a business plan,as I have NEVER done so. Everyone that has abusiness degree and all the books I read say that it is a must. How do I go about such a thing?:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Try looking at a sucessful business plan if you have never seen one..... There are even computer programs now that can walk you through the process.

    Personally, the only reason we wrote one was for a business loan when we first started....It is something the bank is going to require.

    Now, we set out goals and the steps necessary to attain the goals with a timeline for each one of those steps in a format that makes sense to us; not the bank.
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    Also, check with your local College, they will have some information available for you. Conduct a search on this site for "Business Plan". You will find several posts about this subject. Most of your questions can be answered by conducting a search. Good Luck!!!!!!!
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    A good idea is to use the software..Business Plan Pro 2003..I got the idea from this fantastic site..and somebody gave me info..I'm using it now as i write this...it's got wizards and samples..email me and I tell ya how to get it free.....
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    how can we send you a e-mail scraper you have it shut off . or just rethinking what you said
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    More than likely, he will tell you to go to kazza.com, but be warned.....i got a virus from there when I tried to get this program....wiped out hard drive.

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    yes you must be careful but most of the time your ok . In the last 6 years I have probly downloaded over 10,000 gigs of games and what not and have never got a virus :rolleyes: guess I have been lucky .
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    Sorry...it was shut off...anyway..yes..kazaa..I had no problems....I guess I got lucky.....but it is a cool program.........
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    You need to know the elements of a business plan;

    I.) Introductory Contents - Mission Statement, summary, table of contents.

    II.) Business Description- industry overview, pricing strategy, posistioning, services offered, composistion of the business.

    III.) The Market Description - market size, trends, customers, competitors, estimated profit.

    IV.) Development & Production Description - costs, labor, expenses, expected growth of company, company's postition in the industry currently and in the future.

    V.) Sales & Marketing Plan - marketing strategy, type of consumers to attract, advertising and promotion.

    VI.) Management and Organizational Structure - posistions, job descriptions, ownership, supporting services.

    VII.) Financial Documents -potential risks, monetary balancing system, Income statement
    VIII.) Appendix and Conclusion

    For more info. in detail do a google search (www.google.com) and search for " Elements of a Business Plan."
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