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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnagent, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. B. Phagan

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    I firmly believe in Business Planning......it's like when we start our businesses, we're on our big boat and our aspirations are to go to Maui.......then seems we get side tracked with the work and all the other things that come up........on our boat, we may have to chip some paint or clean something up.........when we are doing that, no one is at the helm..........that's why so many of us end up in the abyss as opposed to Maui......

    Always found it very interesting......if we were going from San Diego to NY, we'd have a roadmap so we wouldn't get lost..........but 99.9% of us in the green industry have no "road map" for business $ucce$$.

    I am putting together my biz plan for 2003 as we speak!!
  2. turfproinc

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    I would suggest asking your bank if they have any materials on writing a business plan. My bank gave me a free CD that had a PowerPoint presentation that showed the components of a business plan and web links to sites that help with marketing, consumer demographics, trade industry, etc.

    While you may not being interested in using your business plan to borrow money, it sure is an advantage to have a plan from the bank you might want to finance something in the future.
  3. Nebraska

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    Of course we have a "business plan", but it is in a format that works for us.
  4. Sean Adams

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    Business Plan Pro is very good software. There are others. Look around first. Find what fits you.

    What Nebraska said is how I feel. Know the points of a business plan, or at least a formal one. If you are not using the business plan for financing, make it YOUR business plan.

    The business plan of a software company with $20 million of venture capital infused is not going to look the same as lawn & landscape solo operation starting out.

    Make it your plan....

    "Of course we have a "business plan", but it is in a format that works for us." - Nebraska

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