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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sanfordandsonfan, Apr 15, 2005.

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    I cannot believe it has taken me five years to figure it out. Been trying to make a name for myself in the wrong part of town. 95% of my work is in a very exclusive part of st. louis. The problem is, almost everyone of my customers is a pain in the a$$. Some of them do not even realize it, it's just the way it is. On the other hand, I have two homes near where I live. Blue collar kind of crowd. One lady is on social security only, and the other is a preacher at her own very small church. I cut them every week, and they never complain. The lady on social security gives me a couple extra bucks and tells me to buy a hamburger. The preacher lady blesses me and my equipment every time I show up. All the rich a holes want round up sprayed in their cracks for free, and want me to lower my mowers so we do not have to come as much. I think maybe it's time to reorganize my efforts.
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    Hey, it only took me six years to figure out the same thing! I have had much better luck going after the lower to middle class by far. I can pull up to a 6k mobile home and mow the yard in 25 minutes, 92 yo lady on SS pays me 25 bucks and just thanks me for coming, never complains. Pull up in Cherokee Heights where all the rich SOB are, and they want a 100 bucks worth of work for 25 bucks and complain constantly!! I see it over and over and these areas are saturated with lawn care providers who were thinking the same thing as me 6 years ago. Read my post today about the Dr.s wife who said I was too high. Ill take the poor chaps anyday over the rich A@@H!
  3. sanfordandsonfan

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    good to hear from you hardwoking-poorman. I have turned so much work down in my own community because I wanted to be working where the money is. Well the reason the money is there, is because they aint spending any of it. Get this. I had a lady call me last week and tell me the fifty dollar bill she got was to high. The funny part of the story is, she called me from her summer home in west palm beach. Give me a break.
  4. QualityLawnCare4u

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    GRRR, dont you just love these bottom feeding penny pinchers! I have been to some that their one vehicle is 3 years of my salary and want me to do the yard for 25 or less. :angry:
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    My wife cleans houses. Her snob customers get 4 hours of cleaning for $100.00 every other week. last week one tells her that they are getting a new car and can no longer afford her services. She goes there this week for the final time and sees that the car they bought was a porche!

    Dave :waving:
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    how the lawn care going in mo ? I use to live in O'Fallon my garndpap ran a property service in Florcent and Hazel wood area ? Just shooting the ****

  7. Todd's lawncare

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    So !!!!!
    Hell with that payment who would be .
  8. mtdman

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    Bruce Williams has a saying. Work for the masses, live with the classes. Work for the classes, live with the masses.
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    My wife used to be in that business and she says that not only are the very wealthy very cheep, but they are very messy too. One house, with an indoor pool, the pool was coated with a green slime algae. Didn't seem to bother the homeowner. She said it seemed the more expensive the house, the sloppier the house.
    And they are about as loyal to their housekeepers as they are towards their LCO.
  10. Richard Martin

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    I also stay out of the rich neighborhhods. While most of my customers are very "well to do" and live in nice waterfront homes they are down to earth people who earned their money the hard way. A lot of them own their own businesses or are retired on multiple pensions. I do have one customer that was given his money and he has a lot of it ($71 mill at last rumor). It took me a little while to get in with this guy (10 years) and he was a little cautious of me at first but now that he knows me he doesn't even ask for a price any more. Just do it and bill him.

    The rich neighborhoods are where all of the competition is. When I do go through those types of neighborhoods the grass cutters and landscapers are hispanic and thicker than thieves in Bagdad.

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