Wrong forum. But I got melted fuses need help

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DoubleCutter, May 23, 2004.

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    Today I get up to mow my own lawn, Not something that happens too often(cobblers heel gets mended last)

    Go to start her up nuttin. Look down, what was my fuse holder is now a melted mass down the side of my mower. I took off the accessory panel and dont find anyhting wrong except for one wire that looks as if my throttle or choke cable wore down and caused a short. ( possible reason for my fuses being melted) ANd another problem my throttle and choke cables were melted. So I had a big short. Replace fuse holders and shes fine, except shes showing positive 10 amps out at full throttle.
    I assume that the huge short caused my voltage regulator to take a dive and now doesnt work.
    This happened when the machine was off, it was not their on friday. For poops and giggles I adjusted clutch pretty much dead on.
    What I am asking you is is their anything else that could have caused this problem? Or Did the short cause this whole issue.

    PS Its a 1998 or 99 Turf Tiger with the 25 hp Kohler Pro Gold.
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    that's an interesting story that you don't hear everyday
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    I will second that ....

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