Wrong oil in blower.

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  1. casey

    casey Guest
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    I just realized we used sae30 in our snowblowers instead of 5w30 this winter. Any chance of engine damage? It was a good quality 30 at least.
    Probably about 10 to 15 hours at max -20 C. 8 hp tecumseh's.
  2. Chuck Smith

    Chuck Smith LawnSite Senior Member
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    I doubt you damaged anything. Those engines can run for about a 1/2 hour straight with no oil in them at all. Those engines are splash oiled. The oil just splashes onto the internals in the crank case. As long as they had oil in them, at the proper level, I see no harm done. That sae 30 is the same as the 5w-30 when the engines are at operating temperature.


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