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Wrong Rod???


LawnSite Member
Nashville, TN
Hello Lawnsite!

You all may recall several months ago that I threw a rod in my 28Q777 15.5 OHV briggs. I had it running a while back, and I put it back on my mower a few days ago. The problem is that now I can hear a knocking from the engine, that I did not notice when I started it on my bench.

I opened up the crankcase today and tried to replicate the knock I was hearing. There was no play in the direction of the piston (up/down), but I could get a little wiggle in the direction of the crankshaft (maybe 50 thousnadths). It's almost like the rod is a little skinnier than the crank journal. So I got to thinking, what if I had gotten the wrong rod? Is there another engine out there with a smaller crank journal?

I'm stressing out b/c I am running out of running engines!


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lee's summit, mo
Rod end play is fine. Keep looking for you knock. When it's running take a 1/2 inch rubber hose about 3 feet long. Put one end to your ear and probe around on the engine to help locate the noise. It may not be internal?


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It's probably the crank balancer you hear, The bearings wear as shown below and are non-replaceable. One must replace the whole assembly and range in the $100.



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Sure, They can be checked but you need inside and outside micrometers.

Here are the specs;

Briggs Balancer Specs.jpg