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  1. kjfaulk

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    Had something happen to me about a month ago that really bothers me. I've been in the business for about 5 years, love what I do, my employees love there job, we have a good customer relationship and everything goes smooth.(Just about) Anyway, this new company comes along trying to take one of my accounts by really, really, really under bidding me (not saying there is anything wrong with a new company, because that is where will all began) but he just came out of no where and walked in to my commerical account and said that he could do the same job that I was doing for alot less. Now I know that we all have to make money but come on, I have NEVER and will NEVER ride around and try to take somebodies account, there is too much other work out there. Its one thing if you see the grass a foot tall and weeds taller than the bushes, but my company takes pride in all our work, everything we do is straight and manicured. Anyway wanted to see if it was just me that feels this way or is there some other LCO out there that think the same. By the way I managed to keep the account after about a months worth of trying to straighten all the confusion out. Any thoughts?
  2. strickdad

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    its real cut throat here in nc.

    HAILE'S LAWN LawnSite Member
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    I've seen it happen over and over again!!!:mad:
  4. scottb

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    I lost one this past month by being under bidded. Laughs on the new guy they added a nice ugly wooden privacy fence plus they use Chem lawn. Going to be a lot of work for 25.00 $
  5. P&J Lawncare

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    I would NEVER EVER try to steal a account from another lco. I always ask new customers what company was doing their lawn and why did they want to change companies, I then call the old companies to make sure they understand why I am taking over the account so there is no bad blood between us. I am probably the biggest company in the area and I have maintained a very good relationship with most of the companies in this area because I go out of my way to help everyone out, I sharpen blades for 5 companies ($1.00 a blade) I loan machines and employees to some companies if they are in a pinch and I will give advice and help in anyway that I can and I have helped 2 friends start their own buisiness. I do this because it is better to be friends then to be enemies and there is enough buisiness for everyone to make money. I keep over 97% of my customers every year and I don't remember the last time someone stole a lawn from me. If everyone took a little time to help each other instead of cutting each others throats there would be alot more loyalty and money in this industry. Whenever I see a new lco in the area I always introduce myself and give them my number in case they need some advice or help in the future and 9 times out of 10 they will call and I will do what I can to help them. I also don't do yards that have small gates (we run 61 mowers) so whenever I get a call for a yard with a fence I tell the homeowner to call one of these companies and I tell them to mention my name and they will be treated well. We all benefit each other and thats how it should be.
  6. scottb

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    That is the way it should be. If I get a call from someone looking for a new lco the first thing I tell them is that If they are looking for cheaper prices their proably talking to the wrong guy. I will not stoop to the level of bidding to just cut a lot of grass. I will not under bid my comrades just to get a job. My DADDY raised me better than that!!
  7. fastrunner

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    Just dont think that it is in North Carolina, these scrubs are everywere and makes me so mad! They steal my business like nothing.. The people here in Michigan dont give a **** that you are legal, professional, insured, yada yada,, all they want is a cheap price. Its SAD. All of us professional are all educated and know everything that it takes to maintain landscapes to the best ability and some scrub lowlife comes up and says, i will mow your lawn for cheaper than what the guy you paying now is... THAT JUST PISSES ME OFF! and the loser doesnt even know what I am getting paid.. It just happened to me again this year.. I was cutting this 3/4 acre lawn with trimming and blowing for $43.00 a mowing and this scrub comes and knocks on her door and says he will do it for $25.00. BULL!
  8. KirbysLawn

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    I just wonder how he would know he could do it much cheaper than you unless he knew what you were charging. :confused:
  9. Brickman

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    Yes that does make us all mad. NO NO NO it is not professional. But for me I have way too much work to do to worry about them. I always figure they will see the light one day and then it will be too late. But with this being year 7 for me it is a little different than for those in the first 3. You probably can't afford to lose one or two for this kind of BS.

    I am with P&J. Man if there were more like you. I try to wave at most of the other LCOs in this area. I am learning to know some of the guys, and most every body will wave back. I have been given the finger by one or so, and others will look at my nice truck and equipment and then glare at me when they ride by with a Crapsman in the back of a trash truck.
  10. perfection lawn care

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    I do not agree with someone coming in and stating they can do a better job and cheaper, this is just s***** buisness. There have been many times a new client will call and want a bid, if I show up to the property and it looks as if the nieborhood kid has been buchering it, and then find out it is a LCO then I will bid it.

    I believe that whatever area you live in that if you have been in the buisness long enough you know who does good work and who doesn't, along with this is there pricing methods.

    So when a new client is refered to me and I find out who is doing it currently, I will either tell them no thanks or know it is money in the bank!

    I know a number of the large LCO in my area and they are all great people and will help out if needed in any way they can. So I also believe it is best if we all could just work together.

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