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WTB- 36" walkbehind and 16' trailer


LawnSite Bronze Member
Newburgh, IN
I have a 2004 Scag Walkbehind 36" SWZU 15hp Kawasaki with less than 90 hours on it. It comes with a jungle jim sulkey that is like brand new, an extra set of blades, and a mulch plate. I am asking $4800/offer. Let me know what you think.


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If you are still looking, send me a pm. I am thinking about upgrading, and will sell my Gravely 36" WB for $1000 w/ a 14 hp, belt drive, and I will throw in the Velke. If you want more details let me know. It's not perfect, and I prefer hydro, but it cuts well and gets the job done. I'm in Knoxville.


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I have a 32 Toro w/ 13hp Kohler and T Bar, Also included is Jungle Wheels. This mower is close to new and only has 40hrs. Let me know if you would like me to send you pics.