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WTB an aerator Near chicago

J&R Landscaping

LawnSite Fanatic
Bensalem, PA
You might try Russo power equipment. I know they sell Ryan (my choice personally), billy goat, bluebird and I think they sell Husky units as well! Good Luck.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Hey I am new to the site, but I thought I would give it a try. I am looking for a core aerator. I you have one or know of one for sale. Thank you.
I have one that attaches to a zero turn mower if that fits what you might need. PM me for more information. I am also selling the zero turn if you are looking. here is a link to the ad I placed here. You can also see how the aerator attaches to the machine.



LawnSite Senior Member
Chicago, IL
Hey, thanks for the respose but I am looking for just the aerator. I tried all the local dealers looking for a used one but have come up empty handed. Thanks again, and the search continues...