WTB: Deere 600-800 series

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by born2farm, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. born2farm

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    I am looking to buy a John Deere compact tractor ranging from a 670-855. I would not like to go any smaller or bigger than that. Preferably 4x4 but will look at 2x4 also. No mowing deck needed, but a snow plow would be nice. Please PM me with any tractors you guys have for sale.
  2. helidriver

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    I use a john deere 755 with four wheel drive and a 70 loader. I also have a belly mower for it and a peco 3pt. vac. collection system on it. I cant say anything negative about this machine. its only 20 hp. but you wouldnt know it. It is larger in appearance and physical size than the compatable kubota bx 22/23 models. They look like toys, but they are also great machines. I love my old 755. It is an everything machine, cut grass....loader.....four wheel drive.....it is always faithful. I also have other john deere models, but the 755 is able to do everything period!

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