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WTB: I need a OCDC to fit a 40" Toro Grandstand


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I would like to buy a OCDC to fit my 40" Toro Grandstand.
Preference would be a used one to save some money.

One option is the Toro OCDC. Their part number is 117-8565.
This OEM fits both the 36" and the 40" decks. It's kind of pricey new.

I would consider other brands as long as they are designed to fit the Toro 40".
I have searched other OCDC manufacturers but it doesn't appear that too many fit the 40".

If you have one please let me know. My text is 574-993-1638.


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Grass Flap


DA Quality Lawn & YS

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Rochester, MN
Vouch for GrassFlap. Good product.