WTB: Surplus Equipment Wanted. We pay Freight.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by turfquip, Dec 12, 2008.

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    I'll pay dealer trade in for unwanted equipment within a 200 mile radius of Florence KY. The price quoted includes coming to pick up the items at your location. PM me with product offerings. Please do not post items to this thread... I may not get back to see them.

    Obviously, dealer trade in will be LOWER than you would hope to get at this forum or elsewhere on the internet from an eager buyer.

    Its also a subjective valuation which highly factors current market realities. One, that there are way more sellers than buyers at this point in time.

    Consider that the premium your giving up to the do the deal quickly with us is only imaginary if you end up spending days bickering with potential buyers, only to be stood up at the end with no deal.

    FYI: That includes cities like Indianapolis, Lexington, Huntington, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville, Elizabethtown, etc.

    Peace Out

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