WTB, Z-Spray or Turfco at the end of the season or sooner

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    Looking to upgrade my PG Ultra to a newer machine that will allow me more options in what products I can apply. It appears that those options have been addressed in the Z-Spray machines and the new Turfco T-3000. So if anyone is looking to get out of the business or sell their Z-Spray to get a different version I am interested.

    FYI, I have been happy with the PG Ultra and it has been reliable for me day in and out but unfortunately it has shortcomings that still have not been addressed with the 2009 version. I still want to be able to spray larger volumes for some insecticides, and fungicides and want to be able to apply wettable powders when needed. PG still will not allow me to do this. I will be selling the PG Ultra if anyone is looking for a reliable backup or to expand their business.
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    Got a price and any pics?

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    I assume you are referring to the PG Ultra. If so I will work on some pictures and a price today. The sale of the PG will have to be coordinated with the purchase of its replacement. This may be complicated unless I am buying a new one.
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    z sprays hold their value real well, might just want to but new and i think they even offer 0% intrest

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    Regular financing applies right now. I just called them the other day.

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    It’s a four year old Permagreen Ultra with 120 hours on it and I am asking $3500 for it. I based this price on research here and the used marketplace section that Permagreen offers its customers. I don’t have any pictures right now but will send them if your still interested in the machine.

    A little about me and my fertilization business, I am a full time firefighter with two children under four. In the past I did mostly lawn maintenance on 15 residential properties and not much fertilization until this year. This year, I sold the maintenance contracts so I could buy another guys fertilization business (40 accounts) I did this because fertilization fit my schedule with the kids better. I also did this so my wife could go back to work and I could care for my kids while she was there. It’s complicated and I can explain further if you need me to.

    Here is what I can tell you about the machine It is a 2004 model with only 120 hours on it. I bought it from a guy who used it as a backup who didn’t need it anymore. At that time it had 74 hours on it.

    Regarding the machine;
    - Mechanically I rate it a 9 out of 10 because I do not consider the electric start to be reliable and have stopped using it altogether. This is a known problem with the Permagreen Ultras and does not affect its operation at all. The new Magnums do not even offer an electric start partly for this reason. The machine will start on the second or third pull and idle smoothly. Regular maintenance done twice a season (lube and oil, and clean the air filter sponge) Hopper gates are calibrated before each round as a matter of practice. Tires are original with good tread and traction. The tires are still filled with the factory antifreeze liquid used to make the machine stable on hills and have never had a flat. Spray system is in working order with no repairs done to it (pump is original). Spray system is still calibrated from the factory with the same spray tips that PG recommends. The spray system does not leak and the tips do not drip after shutting them off. In the sale I will include a “field repair kit” I made up that has spare tips assemblies, tip filters, a spare belt, hopper spinner assembly and some other items that I cannot remember right now.
    - Cosmetically, I would consider it a 8 out of 10 due to typical scratches on the hopper and tank from bushes, trees and transport. It no longer looks brand new. It is hosed off after each round to keep it clean and to protect its components from the corrosive effects of fertilizer. Stainless frame has some discoloration from use but would consider it typical for these machines. It has no visible rust and all welds are ok with none needing to be repaired. Handle grips are original with minor wear although I am considering replacing them for something more comfortable.

    The reason I am selling it is so I can buy a larger machine that will allow me to spray different chemicals and offer a little better coverage between fills. FYI, this machine will treat 34000 sf using the spray system between fills and holds 100 lbs of dry material in the hopper. I will work on pictures for you and others. Feel free to contact me with additional questions.

    Respectfully, Dave Palmeri

    Fert-Tek Professional Fertilization Services
    Cell, (630) 841-2988
    E-Mail Dave@Ferttek.com

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    I am going to relist the PG here with the same description again. This is because this thread was supposed to be about me looking for a good used Z-Spray or Turfco unit and not necessarily about the PG. If interested look for the thread that reads PG Ultra for sale 120 hrs 9 out of 10

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