WTB ztr, with no engine, or blown engine. 20 to 25 hp size.

Jason Rose

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Here's the situation. I'm looking to find a ZTR mower, possibly a 50" dixie Chopper (but I will consider any brand) That will accept a 23hp Kohler Vertical shaft engine.

My Dixon Mower it's on is having major Hydro drive issues and I'm afraid they're shot. At around $1,800 to replace them for a machine that has close to 2,000 hours on everything else, it isn't worth it... My engine is still good and strong, other than a valve cover oil leak, that may very well be a crack in the head, but can be fixed.

I know there are newer machines out here that have blown engines under 1,000 hours or so. If the Hydros (or hydrostats) are still in good condition and the rest of the machine is clean for it's age, but not worth spending $1,600 on a new engine to you, then hit me up. (send a PM)

Will have to consider that I'm in Kansas so it will need to be within maybe 8? hours of here for me to get it.