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    While the DOT can pretty much write a ticket on a brand new truck(they have to us). You have the trailer registered for 3500, so you screwed yourself. I had a 33,000 GVW truck registered at 55,000 because of the trailer on it, and got pulled over a few times because they tried to get me overweight each time when I had the trailer behind me.
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    You have a 3000 pound dead weight with no brakes pushing you as you hit the truck brakes in a panic stop.

    Yeah, real safe.
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    First of all, the trailer is registered at 2990 lbs. That's from the manufacturer on the registration from dmv. It's axle rating is 3500lbs. The combined tire rating is over 3000 lbs too, but the trailer is registered for under that. There could be a 5000 lb axle under the trailer. Doesn't mean the rest of it is built for 5k. The officer even wrote 3500gvw on the ticket. When the court sees 2990 on the reg, I'm pretty sure they'll throw it out.
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    Amen to that haha.

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