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WTP Aint gunna duit!

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The Illinois landscape is being littered with these cheap blue blow up pools. They are pretty big and ugly as HE!! . And the worst thing is they scare the crop out of me. I have told my guys to stay way away from these POS with trimmer and mower. Most have a Darn electric cord to deal with and they sit on a blue tarp thats just begging to get under deck. I had cust call and complain about my best guy blowing grass in his WTP, he said it took him two hours to clean it out. Of course they always complain after they have cleaned it up. He has been a PITA for years and will be canceled today. Any WTP stories?
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Yup, I have one the same way. Cord running across the grass, tarp, the works. I'ts going to take ONE rock tossed from the T-270 and that pool is done, and most likely, flood the house, or at least the back yard. But it is very close to the back door. UHG!

This customer has been adding little headaches all over the back yard since paying a year in advance. Benches, potted plants, pool(s), umbrellas, slide, etc. After the first couple of times I cut after she had the pool, she called wondering why it looked so bad it. I said because my weedeater will chop a coke bottle in half, I'm not going near your rubber/plastic pool with it...period. She agreed on Round-Up, but there is still the issue of the cord running to the back patio. Guess I'll Round-Up that too.:dizzy:

I can't justify charging her more because she is a loyal customer, pays a year up front, and usually is very easy to deal with. I've been servicing her yard for almost 7 years.....guess I'm going up on price next season more than I originally planned on.

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we have one account in particular that we call the "Sanford & Son" account. Power cords, tents, chairs. The only reason that we still do it is because they haven't complained about our slip shot job in regards to mowing and trimming around all of those items.
Don't have any customers with one of those, but I have one. With a 3 year old and a 3 month old e regular pool is too big and deep. Those pools actually work out real nice if they are put up right. HOWEVER, I have a cord run under ground for the filter and a couple inches of mulch around the pool so I don't have to trim right up to it. So, basically, the problems with them that you described I don't have to deal with. It would not work to have to trim up against it or deal with the cord across the lawn.
These owners with the inverted rafts (water inside) need to be told that 'pool' is their responsibility.
They don't want clippings getting in, fine, they need to be sure it's covered on mow day. Cords need to be coiled and out of the way. Any 'thing' to do with big water baggy has got to be THEIR responsibility. These things are way too easy to damage, I won't even go in most back yards if one of these things gets planted there.

ElephantNest, I'm still laughing, have mental picture of you spraying Round Up on extension cord.:p
LOL! Heck yeah! And about one foot on each side too! hehe
That'll learn 'em.
We inform all out customers just before the nice weather arrives, that they are to remove all obsticles from the lawn prior to our arriving for service.

You do not remove your possessions. The crew will move them out of the way so that they can perform their task. We claim no resposibility for your items. The idea here is, if they did the work themselves, they would move it.

My men are very careful, though there are those small items that one does not see and gets chewed up by the mowers.

As for those pools, we do the best we can. It gets a hole in it then the above obstable rule applies. The premise here is, it is not a permanent installation.

When time comes to reseed in the fall after they have removed it, we don't get crazy and think there will not be a pool there the following year.
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