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    what would lawn site do? :laugh:

    "We have approximately five small trees (two at 10 ft.; two at 8 ft.; and one dogwood) and 11 bushes at around 3 ft. We also have a 20x20 patch containing small bushes and briars at about 3 ft. We’re also interested in having your team tidy up the yard with some edging and such."

    I haven't been out there to see it yet, but it seems as though I'll have to sub out the stump grinding (should be about $40 each for that) but for us to do the rest of the work, I'm thinking, without seeing it yet..
    50 a tree, 15 a bush, and maybe 100 for the patch unless it's really thick and then 30 for cleaning up the property a bit.. opinions?
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    hey cessna how are you a senior member after only being on the site since april 2006? Not being mean just wondering.
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    oh nevermind I am a senior member now too:hammerhead:

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