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    I started as a personal lawn care person for my friends in 1992 taking care of there yards and ventured in to tree service with Redding tree service where topping trees, pruning and removal became part of my life . A friend and owner of a landscaping company in Northern California brought me in to landscape Design I laid in landscape of over 15,000 property's. I decided that opening a lawn care and landscape business that would be of interest to the local residents with creativity that come's from experience and knowledge of proper design and placement. Now I am dedicated to making Apple Tree lawn care the best service in California. We are more than a mow and go we are who can make your landscape dreams come true . Sincerely Apple Tree lawn care. http://appletreelawncare.webs.com/ To our Clients we offer a wide variety, Lawn maintenance, landscape design, landscape reconstruction, Sprinkler repair , Tree care, Reseeding, Sod, Apple Tree Lawncare is dedicated In making your yard a comfortable and relaxing place for you and your family to enjoy. S-Scale Custom Landscape Design With proven tactics from proper placement and perfect Creativity , Choose your lawn maintenance program that fits your Budget . We have several Lawn care, lawn maintenance programs from full service lawn care to full scale landscape maintenance, Monthly ,Weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance services available , All work is Guaranteed . We even have a Guarantee on all of our lawn care, tree care, lawn maintenance . We are the Lawn Care, Landscape maintenance and S-Scale landscape Professionals in Modesto, Ca. that make it happen We are the Professional Independent Contractors ! http://appletreelawncare.webs.com/
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