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    Hi all. I don't know too much about the website thing, but I've heard a lot of people tell me I need one, and I finally found a good cheap website designer, so I had them make me a template. It's not what I would call finished, as there is no content up yet, but the things they allow me to do are cool. I can update the content without having to program anything, so I appreciate that. I'd like you to check out the template, and let me know if I got my money's worth. Thanks! www.smithprolawn.com
  2. betterlawn

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    Well I don't know what you paid, but its a nice looking website. It doesn't scream "TEMPLATE" like a lot of cheap websites do.

    That said, its really only one page - so I hope you didn't pay for than a couple hundred for it.

    Fill in all the fancy words and you'll be ready to go... :)
  3. partstree

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    looks great, nice and simple
  4. smithprolawn

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    I paid $250, for the custom designed template, the panel allowing me to update the content, and the rest of the technical stuff DNS I think and stuff like that.
  5. betterlawn

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    I'd say you got a very good deal then. Must be one of those damned lowballer scrub web site designers.

    Was he driving around with a CPU sticking out of his trunk? Was he fully licensed and insured? :blob3:

    You should have spent more just to keep the website design business profitable for all those other guys charging $500 for the same thing. :waving:
  6. smithprolawn

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    they are new I think. Haven't even finished they're own site. I know the guy that owns it personally (I don't think that helped any lol) but I'm happy. www.ikthus.net
  7. GreenUtah

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    LOL..damn scrubs..they're everywhere..always peeing in my cheerios
  8. I26

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    Thats a tad high IMO. I have a site for my computer buisness that I am setting up. I got 1.5yrs of web hosting on awesome servers with tons of extras, 5GB of daily transfer, 2GB of total webspace, my own .com domain, 650 email addys, unlimited subdomains, and much more to boot. Its just getting started and time is limited for me to do any graphics work on it but in due time i will be done with it.

  9. smithprolawn

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    what's IMO? I put content on it, and they said they're going to spruce it up a little more I sign off on the site. Not much more, but you know, it was cheap. I have unlimited transfer, 5 MB webspace (unlimited for mail, however), two .com domains, umlimited e-mails, and subdomains.
  10. kootoomootoo

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    "Smith Lawn & Landscape, LLC will perforn the services listed above on a scheduled basis. Notify us before 7 AM on Monday of the week you would like to have your service changed or suspended. Payments to be made upon receipt of billing, after services rendered unless other arrangements are made. The customer agrees that all payments not made according to terms shall be considered past due after ten days. 25.00 returned check fee. 29.00 late fee past 30 days. In the event that legal proceedings must be instituted to recover any past due amounts, Smith ProLawn L.L.C. shall be entitled to recover all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney fees, filing costs or other reasonable costs of litigation. All past due balances shall be subject to a finance charge of one and a half percent. (1.5%) per month. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We only mow areas free of debris. We need a clearance of 42" high to be able to mow under trees. Failure to comply to common sense! Safety requests can lead to immediate termination of services."

    Hate to burst your bubble but its cutting grass........you mention "landscaping" but your disclaimer is mowing orientated...I read this and I am running the other way....way too legal for a mowing guy...stick it in your agreement sure but not on your webpage.

    From a customers pount of view ...if you are so professional you need such disclaimers ....show us the money...show us this landscaping we are paying top dollar for???????? Dont see it? Pics?

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