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    Just wanted to let Lawnsite members know that we at GusHill Industries are promoting a 20% discount on our trailer locks until Dec.30,2007 We do not make locks for all trailers.......yet. But we are working on it as this is being written. In our web site...DaPlug for lunette/pintle type connections is the only one that does not come apart for viewing in how it works. DaBull for Bulldog hitch setups and DaKing for King Pin type attachments... come apart in different stages to demonstrate how they "work" to keep whatever they are attached to much safer. Merry Christmas...Ken
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    There is only so much time in life. And in time everything moves forward. It would be just fantastic if we could go back and replay many things over again. In my own situations..many events would be done very different and I would like to think the outcomes would be more to my liking. Probably never going to happen. So in dealing with pure facts...known situations...our trailer locks shall never be lower than they are right now. Have not raised these prices in 7 years and now everyone who has the basic knowledge of my business is flat telling me it is time to raise the prices or get out of the business or sell the business. Probably going to raise the prices...everything else causes many problems...for me. Ken
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    Bump* Just helping a friend out.

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