X-Factor Deck QOC?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtmower, May 3, 2012.

  1. TLS

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    I would think you'd need more then 1/8" pitch with a rear mounted bagging system.

    Just the empty bagger, with your butt in the seat, probably puts you at negative pitch. That's w/o full bags.

    What are your RPM's when using the Bagger?
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  2. GMLC

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    This is a property I cut this week with my bagger(mostly weeds). I will try to get some leaf pick up pics next week.


  3. MJB

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    Same problem i had in 2008 when i bought my gravely 260 with the X Factor deck. I tried everything but it would not cut as crisp, thankfully gravely took it back after 2 weeks of trying everything .
  4. GMLC

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    Here is one I'm cutting as we speak(no straglers at all) 3.75". Just downloaded pic on my truck laptop.

  5. greengiant9963

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    The mower cuts the same with the bagger on or off. Dont get me wrong the cut is not terrible just not a crisp cut. Notice it more when cutting over 3.5 inches. The deck itself doesn't seem to have the vaccum my exmark does. Stinks because the mower is super comfortable to run with the air ride seat and smooth as silk hydro's.
  6. GMLC

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    I had my first bad cut with the X-factor deck today. I cut a dry fine fescue lawn and it left straglers everywhere. I switched half way through to my Scag with the Velocity deck and had the same results. I think these open decks have a hard time with the dry conditions on fine grasses. So I think its more the grass than the deck. Im now wondering if a lot of people with QOC problems this year are in dry areas with fine grasses?

    My next property was the one pictured below and the X-Factor cut great again.

  7. Ridin' Green

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    I have been very disappointed with my MOD deck due to stringers, but after reading so many different threads with guys complaining about stringers (and almost all are cutting finer type grasses), I am starting to believe myself that it's all due to the dry conditions this year whcih has created some really limp grass that doesn't have enough weight/mass to it for the lift from the blades to suck up for a clean cut. At least I hope that's it.
  8. 290

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    I believe this as well. I own a JD 717a and have been dealing with the same problem but only lawns that are thin and dry. Thankfully just throwing on some G6 blades fixed the problem for the majority of the lawns.
  9. MJB

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    Wet or dry thin blade grass flops over if cutting to high. We have always had trouble and all our lawns are irrigated so you do the best you can and doublecut when necessary, all decks have issues under certain conditions.
  10. mtmower

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    QOC is my biggest battle. My SZ leaves a clean cut with no or very very few stragglers even at a good speed. My 460 is bad. Disgusted with the QOC, especially when cutting higher in tall thin or even thick irrigated fescue. Stuff is matting down terrible. I must spend a great deal of time "lifting" the matted grass from the wheel tracks with my trimmer around the outer loop. The 460 has little to no lift. The SZ has ten times the lift but I still battle the matting and battle poor clipping dispersal because it leaves a carpet of full length clippings. Tried a mulch kit for the first time in my 13 yrs. of commercial cutting (other than my push mowers) and the 460 stragglers were much less. If I tried to push it at all got a mowhawk from between center and right blades. Also leaves clumps that I have to disperse with my back pack blower. Super dry here but almost all my properties are irrigated and growing 3-7" in seven days. I don't think any mulcher can keep up with that. Frustrated as well.

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