X-Factor Deck QOC?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mtmower, May 3, 2012.

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    Some of that around the edge of the lawn always gets worse it seems this time of year. The front wheel lays it over and if you have a little indention or rut it gets real bad. If your really wasting time trying to stand it up and trim it, I found that my walkbehind and bagger works well for picking it up and cutting it on my particular customers. In fact don't be afraid to drop it a little shorter around the edge if needed. Nobody ever has complained when I've done this.

    I never had any luck with my SuperZ but i had the XR7 deck and it left strips between the center and left side blade, if not both sides. My Exmark decks were better here. I'm a little surprised the X factor is not picking it up better. My Outlaw had some cut quality issues until I bought some very cheap Scag hi lifts wow what a difference it made in the 2010 deck. Have you tried double blades at all to create more lift, sucks more gas but might speed things up and help with the cut. Always make sure your deck is very clean as well as this effects the air flow.
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    I'm even battling grass laying down where previous wheel tracks intercepted in the middle of the yard and I change up my pattern every cut. A good part of my properties like water and fertilizer. I finally got into the fertilizer/pesticide biz two years ago to try and help regulate growth better. Even when only watering 3-4 times a week still seems like the grass is heavy and saturated. If I cut the water back much from that we start seeing dry spots. Most of my properties I only fertilize two or three times a year and it I still have places that will grow 4"-6" in seven days.

    Good idea dropping the cut on the frame out lap. I have never tried double blades. This is partly due to the fact that I feel if all was right I shouldn't have to. May come to that though. Not sure it could suck more fuel. This 921 is a 2.0 gph thirsty beast. I've run the OEMs, flat rolled high lifts, G6s, flat notched high lifts, and the OEM mulch blades. IMO it has to be due to very little vacuum and/or lack of lift or odd turbulence under the deck.

    On a positive note the discharge is pretty good and this deck, even with the mulch kit, stays cleaner than any deck I've run to date.
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    The only thing else I would try is going against the grain and dropping the deck 1 notch to help stand it up and cut it off. Are you waiting for the dew to dry before cutting, Ive had a lot of issues like this too from so much dew?
    I try to make sure the irrigation has been turned off for 48hrs before mowing too. I know you have some pretty large properties, so double cutting may not be an option but it helps you can cut less off the 1st pass then lower the deck and crisscross it again. You may have to experiment to see what works best. Conditions are always worse for me in the fall, and sometimes no deck can handle it as well as I like it to be without some changes to what you normally do. The double blades really creates more lift but is not something I would do all the time.
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    With the mulch kit installed I have been going in the reverse direction since it's not side discharging. Does some good but also is quick to lay it over the other direction as well. My other issue now with the mulch system is the grass height/growth somewhat regulates my cutting height. If I cut too much off I've got gobs of time blowing clumps of clippings in the whole yard.

    On the dampness of my properties the dew is off. I've been waiting till 9:00-10:00 am to start cutting. This cuts into productivity of course. Doing pretty much the same as you on the irrigation. Have it off roughly 48 hrs. before mowing.

    I have double cut several yards ( even some 50-70,000 sqft. ones!) with mixed results (and lost time). When side discharging, this is more helpful than mulching, and you can also make better time due to faster processing speed.

    All I need is Super Z speed and cut with a 460 seat and discharge, bigger tanks and a 37 hp engine that gets 1.0 gph. Oh and grass that is dry, stands up tall and straight when it hears me coming, and only grows 1.5" in seven days. Is that too much to ask for?:laugh: I guess a guy can dream right?
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    Short of bagging its hard to fix the problem . Sometimes I use 2 different mowers on 1 lawn, 1 set up for mulching I usually make the first cut when dry with it. Then Hi lifts and side discharging on the 2nd pass. Either that or use tunnel vision and ignore what you see. Sometimes the customers never notice it. But it still bothers me. I use to double cut every lawn with my 66inch Super Z because I could fly 14 mph on the 2nd pass and make a nice looking stripe while cleaning everything up.
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    Hey guys, for those that don't follow my 400 series review thread I spent the day with two great Gravely reps. By next spring the X-Factor deck will be updated with a larger discharge opening and adjustable front baffle!!

    IMO an already great cutting deck will be even better!!
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    If I had the chance I would opt for the Pro Ride.
    I think MT would benefit from the high flow deck.
    I mean, if you're getting a half a foot of growth in one week
    that deck would seem better for that...no?

    High Flow Tunnel Deck - Featuring heavy-duty 7-gauge welded construction and overlapping blades, this expertly engineered deck quickly levels the tallest grass in no time. Breezing right along devouring grass, you can confidently protect your trees and shrubs as you trim, thanks to a pliable rubber discharge chute.

    High Flow Tunnel Deck quickly levels tall grass in one pass

    1.5” overlapping blades prevent streaking

    Set back blades from front edge of the deck allow grass to stand up before being cut leaving a professional manicured appearance
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    I have a lot of experience with tunnel style commercial grade decks since I've owned several of them over the last decade.

    I have one for my CUT that is a tunnel deck and 60" cut. Then I have my Z950 with the 60" Pro MOD deck. The tunnel deck will lay low any grass for sure, and cut cleanly, but it can't process material through as fast or as well in tall, and/or thick grass at the same speed as you can with one of the decks that are commonly used on most Z's will, ie; full depth over the entire cutting area.
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    then why would gravely make the shift?
    Making the xfactor wider {with baffle adjustments} is pretty much making it
    wider like the Pro Ride already has.

    Your CUT is wide discharge, and overlapping blades to, no?

    This is where the pro ride can claim "it will cut the tall growth at speed in one pass".
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    I don't think that you can say with 100% accuracy that ALL tunnel decks are created equal, just like you can't say that all "full depth" decks are equal...as far as each ones different strengths and weaknesses.

    I have 2 zts, one 60" Gravely Pro Ride (tunnel deck) and a Lastec 61" deck, full depth 6" tall deck. THe Pro Ride will handle thick,tall grass considerably faster than the Lastec will. The Lastec has plenty of power to not bog down but it can't cut clean at as fast of a speed in those type conditions. I know the bottleneck on that deck is the small discharge chute (about the size of an Exmark Ultracut deck)

    When I tested the Scag Wildcat and my ProRide in the real tall, thick grass, which I admit was too thick and tall for any practical normal type comparisons; the Pro Ride handled the conditions better than the wildcat did. It was processing the grass clippings as fast or faster than the Scag deck, while cutting a little cleaner on the first pass also, and at a little faster speed, which was still pretty slow, in this instance.

    Until you've tried (name your mower deck) side by side with the Pro Ride deck at the same time and experienced any differences between the two, in the conditions that were talked about inthe above posts, please don't assume that ALL Tunnel style decks will perform the same as the JD Tunnel decks that you've used. You can't make generalized statements about a particular style of deck and be totally accurate (especially if you've never used the Particular deck that "unit28" mentioned , which was the ProRide Deck.)

    I know you're not suprised that I responded to your post, RG:)

    I hope to test,demo another Scag with hte Velocity Plus deck , and if I can find a JD 7 Iron or a Hustler with the VX4 deck next spring or whenever possible along with my Pro RIde and compare the results again.


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