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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by jvanvliet, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. f50lvr2

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    I love mine. I've had the 24hp 52" for a little over 1 season and around 500 hrs. It's what I spend most of my time on. Rock solid reliability for me, I had to replace the battery but that was my fault.

    I had to switch away from riders because they were ruining my back, went to WB's but started to get too tired so the stander was the best option for me. I only compared the vantage to the toro and other WB's. Our wright dealer was too overpriced and the closest model they had was a fixed deck and still over $1k more than the exmark. I preferred the Exmark controls over the toro and the ultracut deck. The toro and exmark are by far the most comfortable to use because of the rear platform.

    My only real complaint is the lack of decent bagging options. I use a side catcher now, it does fine but fills up very quickly.
  2. f50lvr2

    f50lvr2 LawnSite Senior Member
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    The exmark ended up being about $1k less than the toro for me also, which easily made up my mind. I'd strongly look at the scag v-ride if I needed another one.
  3. Ben'sLawnCare

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    I did say the eXmark dealer I am pretty sure. I am not sure what sort of issues they were. I just know that the eXmark dealer was not satisfied with them and would not recommend them. The exmark stander that is.
  4. ndols2

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    I forgot the one issue I have had with it, (only the first year model) the neutral switch is a problem. the fixed it on the 2011 model. if you jump off it is sup. to kill the blades, and still run, but it would just stall out. with some adjusting I got it sorted out. but other than that. you can run all day, and no sit down back pain
  5. jvanvliet

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    I'm going to see if I can get a demo...
  6. nwimaintenance

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    I would recomend getting a demo. I did with a wright stander and hated it. I think i am to tall (6'-3"). They also do not hold a hill like a walk behind. The only advantage is you can fit a lot of them on a trailer.
  7. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I can only speak of demos. I demoed a 36" Toro and thought it was a little too loosey-goosey for my tastes. Then I took out a 36" Wright Stander RH for a day.

    Not quite as manueverable as when one is on a sulky, but still pretty good. Ultimately I bought neither because I didn't trust them on my extreme hills. Given the choice between the two, though - I'd have gone with the Wright. Simpler, more stable, and tougher IMO.

    Still fantasize about getting one, but not in the cards at present...
  8. jvanvliet

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    Yes, size is the consideration, if I take the 36" Metros off I need to make sure I can get the replacements on with 52" & 60" Exmark ZTR's. Things are tight now. I'm going to be looking at the Toro mini Z.

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