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x-mas lighting


LawnSite Gold Member
NW, Iowa
I need the know how!!

Looking at installing some of these lights for a few clients that have requested this service.

I need to understand how to make a clean break - say from peak to opposite peak and then down the window.

I have seen an out of town crew and install with 2 guys, couple hours, looks are neat, clean, sharp, and space about 6 inches apart. Although you go buy and you don't see a wire, a cord, nothing. How do they do it!


LawnSite Senior Member
Lawrence, Kansas
Start by buying just the wire and put on your own bulb fixtures at the spacing you want, when you go peak to peak leave out fixtures and run the wire next to the dormer wall or something so it doesn't stick out. You won't see wires from the street but if you get on the roof they are there


LawnSite Silver Member
Kingsland, Texas
I'm taking down my lights today. It's 86 degrees!!! What is up with this !@#$ ? I should not be breaking a sweat on January 1st!!
To answer your question about Christmas lighting, I was roped into this service this year and have had to learn on my own. It seems there isn't anyone out there who is willing to share their knowledge without a hefty fee. I actually found someone who told me that he charges $5,000. I thought, "that's a pretty good chunk of change", so I did a little research and found a few things. That along with my experience as a landscape lighting designer/installer and electrician, I was able to pull it off.
Here is goes. You can buy your C-9 or C-7 light string in 1,000' bulk reels and you cut the string to fit. Keep in mind that you should make sure to use the 18 awg wire, not the 20 awg. The 18 guage wire will allow you to cut the strings to a max length of 120', which will be 7 amps. This is the max for 18 guage wire. Remember ohms law, watts devided by volts = amps. This is a must!!! If you don't pay VERY strict attention to this, you will be tripping breakers and blowing fuses and could even start a fire!!! Do Not Overload Your Wire Or Your Circuit!!
You can also purchase the plug ends, which just slip on, and the bulbs in bulk as well.
I will try to answer any questions you might have, but right now I have to get back out there and finish sweating my !@#$ off in JANUARY!!!

Happy new year to all of you,


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Kingsland, Texas
I have come to the conclusion that Christmas lighting is a pretty good thing. I did 3 jobs this year, for clients that asked me if I would please do their Christmas lighting. Today I started taking down the lights and have already lined up 2 jobs for next season. One of my projects won an award for best lighting in town. They of course, are already talking about next year.
I will be happy to answer any questions I can.