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    The manual states that the blade spindles should be greased every 500 hours. My question is how much grease should each take and what kind. I pumped almost 3/4 of a tube in each one (used almost 3 tubss for all 3) I'm concerned that was too much grease. I basically greased until grease started to spit back out from the relief hole on the zerk fittings, and the middle one until it came out from under the pully on the deck.

    Thanks for the help.

    Second question
    Is it ok to power wash under the deck? I have been doing this about every 3 mows or right after a day of mowing if it was wet.
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    I'm really sorry, I thought I commented on this. I was going to send you to another thread only to find out it was your first question and my response did not go through.
    Let's try it again. First of all put the power washer down. Sending 1200 lbs of pressure anywhere near a electrical connection or a grease seal is not a good idea. Leaf blower and a scrapper are my tools. Low pressure hose if you want to wash your machine to make it purdy, but pressure washer- nope.
    Greasing the spindles... Yes every 500 hours or once a year. I suggest 7 pumps. The grease you put in your spindles has no lubricating function at all. All you are doing is pushing air out so condensation does not form with the heating and cooling of the spindles. If the grease passed by the seals the damage is done. Use that spindle as long as you can, but the life was shortened. I was a big fan of greasing my spindles but our warranty claims have gone down( percentage wise) since going to pre greased sealed bearings. You really don't need that really tacking grease either. Stick with a quality grease otherwise you'll get little clay balls from the heat in your spindles.
    Again, sorry about the missed threads earlier.

    Brian O

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