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    I am thinking about buying a 60" X-One, I like the rear discharge deck idea, I was just wondering how the cut and discharge compares to the VX4 Deck, any one have any comments positive or negative about either, I have to do something soon since my old Hustler 272 is requirig more and more maintenance to keep it running not to mention finding parts for it is becoming dificult.
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    They both cut excellent.
    The RD unit is gong to lay the grass on top of the cut grass behind the mower if its to tall or thick, possibly windrow, this is just the way a RD is.
    If that isn't a issue for you then its a great option, safer mowing and the ability to trim with both sides of the deck, all worth it in my opinion.

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    I'm an officer of a local cemetery association here in CT and we took delivery of a new X-ONE with a 60" rear discharge deck in July. This machine now has about 35 hours on it and we a very pleased with both this machine and it's quality of cut. The cemetery has old and newer parts, the older part dates back more than 200 years. We usually mow 3-5 times a season and with this new X-ONE it takes 1 1/2 days to do a mowing whereas it took 2 days with the previous machine which was also a ZTR however of older design. What impressed up most is the quality of the cut and the fuel economy of the Kawasaki engine.
    A rear discharge deck was mandatory with the nature of the cemetery and I had thought about Gator blades for this machine. The dealer suggested that we try the stock blades and then decide about Gator blades. At this point in time we are very pleased with the performance of the stock blades and probably will not change to Gator mulching blades, however this season has been very dry and a wet season may change our decision.
    This machine has the most friendly maintenance schedule that I have ever dealt with.
    Bob MacGregor in CT:usflag:

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