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X10 Clocks and Modular system...

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by GreenLight, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Pro-Scapes

    Pro-Scapes LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,180

    I was tring to put it into terms he would understand .... You should not bring up the 220 appliance issue even tho alot of us have the brain power to understand it just like you do James. When a 220 appliance is on (oven...ac...dryer) it CAN bridge the phases.Your 120 circuts will not change phases tho. Its a physical connection in the panel that determins the phase and im pretty sure electrcity works the same in Canada as it does here.

    Dont concearn yourself with this, it is irrelevant to the task at hand. Treat the phases as seperate. James said the same thing I did about every other breaker being on different phases. Thanks James for saying I am partially correct then rewording what I just said. At least you didnt copy it verbantim.

    James, You are trying to act like you know more but I am trying to keep it simple so he will learn. Never depend on a 220 appliance to provide the coupling. I already stated all jobs should be coupled no exceptions. Thank you for your brilliant idea that there ultimatly should be a passive phase coupler. An electrican could come in the future and do panel work and mess your system up even if you are on the same phase now or the home owner could decide to move your clock. It happens trust me. In my earlier days I had call backs just like you are having now.

    Yes. Hard wire couplers should be installed by an electrician. The Controlscapes coupler is the most versatile one I have found and super simple to fit in just about anywhere. The signal linc ones (dont worry about the canadian listings only james worries about that) will work if you have an electric dryer to plug into however, They are pretty thick and can sometimes make the dryer stick out a bit from the wall so beware when using them. I do carry 2 in stock just in case I need one.

    There are other types of hardwire couplers from x10 and insteon but they may require a J box be placed adjacent to the panel. When I install a UPB job and I have my line voltage work done I also do 2 things. Have the electrcian install a panel gaurd and have the electrician install a phase coupler of some sort.

    Have a great day

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