XCU = same as PCSCU (slow-release fert)

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by americanlawn, Oct 21, 2009.

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    greg - i don't want Iowa playing Florida.....eyes can get poked out that way:)
    Regardless, Iowa has had a lot of success against the ol sec in recent years. Have beaten LSU, Florida, and South Carolina over the past few years in bowl season. Not scared.
  2. I would think 5lbs of n/m would be excessive, unless all n comes from urea! Here in the transition zone, growing cool season turf, I never excede 3lbs of n/m, unless density is very poor.

    The % of n doesn't really matter, but the application rate/m of material, times the % nitrogen does matter.

    The higher quality of slow release and higher % of slow release, can redue the amount of n applied. Less of the n is lost

    Now % of n doesn't really matter, it's the % and rate/m that matters
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    I laughed out loud when I read this!:laugh::laugh::laugh: Gators would own Iowa !!:waving:
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    I just took these pics this afternoon.

    pic 1)
    Different bags, but both products were manufactured in the same facility by E. C. Grow (Eau Claire, WI)

    pic 2)
    PCSCU = 44.0 % N + 1.0 % S (11.0 % slow release urea)

    pic 3)
    XCU = 44.0 % N + 2.0 % S (10.23 % slow release urea)

    pic 4) Left = PCSCU prills. Right = XCU prills. Same size. Same hardness (according to my pliers) :). They even taste the same.

    Thought you guys would find this interesting.

    BTW I never worked for TruGreen. Please quit saying that. :laugh:

    XCU  vs pcscu 001.jpg

    XCU  vs pcscu 002.jpg

    XCU  vs pcscu 003.jpg

    XCU  vs pcscu 004.jpg
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    OMG is that 280 prill size? those things look like ping pong balls.:dizzy:
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    Both are 'standard' size prills (for general turfgrass) We don't like the GOFF course (small) prills, cuz they can easily blow on windy days.

    I compared both of these products. They are so similar that I can't tell them apart.

    Got a semi-load in yesterday of PCSCU (880 bags). Cost was $1.70 per bag LESS than the last shipment of XCU.

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    Are you missing some numbers there larry or are those 3 lbs bags
    Charles Cue
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    Ouch, Northwestern I guess we now know how good Iowa is, and they should be scared of Florida.
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    Iowa lost their QB and had to play a freshman....nuff said, injuries kill. Northwestern is still bad.

    Sorry Larry to steal your thread. Let me know though where you get those 3 lb bags of fert, cute little guys I bet:)
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    Larry, this is mysterious. Product looks the same. Sulfer coat is usually yellow. But The Award people must have bought their product from Agrium, but didn't get the rights to use the XCU name. Theirs is "poly coated" and the Agrium is "polymer coated", and claims to have more sulfer. What gives? I wouldn't taste it again. Compare the odor. Dissolve some in water. Wouldn't you like to see the Iowa State Department of Agriculture results on thier sampling and analysis of those products? The results of the state chemist board or whatever body samples fert for true labeling--are they available publically? Online?

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