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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Tri-City Outdoors, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Besides the obvious required stuff. (Equipment,knowledge, irrigation linc. Insurance, etc)
    Is there any specific state rules, regs. or license one must have to preform this type of task?
    I just assume there must be a qualification of some sort when installing an Xeriscape in Florida. Maybe a BMP class?

  2. Ric

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    Tri City

    Check with your local County Extension service for the Florida Friendly Yards program. It is all about xeriscape. Xeris plant are ones that survive with only natural rain fall. However they will express themselves better with Irrigation. A true xeriscape will not have irrigation.

    There is no state License, however each county has different rules concerning Licenses. My County requires a State Block test and registration to do so much as replace a plant on Commercial property, However they require nothing special to do a million dollar landscape on a house. Of course like many Florida Laws or ordinances, They don't enforce them.
  3. Tri-City Outdoors

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    I'm just tiring to figure out this concept. Well I understand it. But is it really piratical/logical. Is it a fad or the best thing ever? We believe in and Install "Florida friendly yards" as best as possible. But we would not call ourselves xeriscapest. (Spl? if that's a word).
    Always figured someone who installed xeriscapes. Would need to know a lot of knowledge to TRULY make it work properly. Also in general I thought you need something. such as a landscape architect is different from a landscape designer.

    Also Yes a true xeris. will NOt require any real irrigation.
    But in reality who wants to completely redesign their yard. ie spend lots of $ and not have it looks its best or even survive droughts or the install. Yes there is rain barrels and what not.
    In our area we don't even poop enough to support our reclaimed water system. They are building a plant to put river water into the reclaim system. BTW Some J.A. decided that is better to take the water after it has come out of the ground instead of a well. Although it is a good idea. How about using our water for drinking & fishing.
    Fact is Florida uses approx. 2/3 of "water" for irrigation. The xeriscape concept is long over due!
    Sry if you are still ready. I guess it turned into a rant!
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    Tri city

    Hey any Fool can dig a hole and drop in a plant. WHY should Xeriscape be any different?? However if you want to look smart, Google Florida Friendly Yards for a ton of information. I mean you might be amazed at how much information is on the Net in university Websites.
  5. I personally like the idea of xeriscaping and if you know your plants, there is a lot to choose from. Having said that, it also reduces the amount of chemicals and pesticides needed as well. Everyone in florida wants to use cocos, xmas, goldmound, etc. with tons of water blah blah blah. Then when billy bob or juan improperly maintains it, we dump tons of chemicals to fix the problem of a bunch of fools. I hope these fuel increases put a lot of these idiot companies out of business.
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    Why is everybody acting like xeriscape is a new word. I heard it when I was here 20 years ago. Florida friendly is just the newest incarnation. Most yards are over irrigated anyways. Plants will adapt to corrections in watering practices. Dollarweed and fungus shouldn't be an issue in a properly watered yard.
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