Xmark lazer tire pressure???

Bob H

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Have new lazer.I have been running 13lbs in the tires.I'm cutting rolling lawn and i'm getting a uneven cut.Should I up my tire pressure,if so how high.I have noticed that the front left tire does not have the same ground pressure that the right tire has.Is this the same on all lazers?Cuts great on flat lawn.HELP


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Flint, Michigan
Hey Bob, congratulations on your new addition! I just bought another one myself. It is not uncommon for the ground pressures to be different on these mowers. The important thing is that your controls work evenly. By this, I mean your forward drive is equal on both sides such as when both sticks are fully forward- it doesn't steer to the left or the right (on smooth level ground). Exmark recommends that you measure the circumference with a tape while the back of the mower is elevated. Personally, I just balance it out by trying it and letting out or adding a little more air to the required side. I prefer to keep my tires a little soft to help cushion the ride and allow better control at faster speeds. This also saves a little wear and tear on the machines. As far as your uneven cut goes, is your deck scalping a little on the right side when you turn toward the left -like around trees? This can be remedied by lowering your right caster wheels a notch or two. Not too low though! If it is stillcutting uneven, then check your linkage adjustments for your deck elevation adjustments. This should take care of it. By the way, what Lazer did you buy?


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I'm in Virginia and on a lake so i cut mostly hills we run 18 to 20 all the way around, its not as easy of a ride but sure does help the cut

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