Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lubricity, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. lubricity

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    We just bought one. less than 2 months old. This mower is a death trap. It slides while turning on the level. On a 5-10% grade it goes into a spin. It is one badly engineered mower. The new John Deere is just like it. I think they are built at the same factory. The decks are offset and do not provide enough weight on the drive wheels. The wheels already put marks in the lawn. If we weight them it will make more marks. Just a heads up if you are thinking about buying one. I just got off the phone with the factory. He laughed. Arrogance of the manufacturer.
  2. doubleedge

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    That is the way all zero turn mowers are. You will learn not to tear up turf as you use it more.
  3. lubricity

    lubricity LawnSite Member
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    we have 15 mowers and have been cutting for 17 years. No mower has acted like this one.
  4. rotgg

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    i bet its a 50" triton
  5. mybowtie

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    My 60" is fine..almost 5 yrs old and it still runs good......:usflag:
  6. mainstreet1984

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    I am very pleased with my 60" AS it's been 5 month and almost 200hr on it and no problems like this... maybe you have to learn how to drive it?
  7. davidcalhoun

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    What have you been mowing with?

    Sounds like you might need to decrease your speed before each turn if you are not use to twin levers on a mid-mount ZTR.
  8. MAD87

    MAD87 LawnSite Member
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    Just takes some getting used to. Any brand zero turn is gonna slide if you are inexperienced with a Z, not just Exmark.
  9. JosephLawnCare

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  10. South Florida Lawns

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    Yeah they aren't like a lawn tractor, slow and can take a 90% slope. Z's are kinda weird on slopes and hills. it does take some getting used to. And since its hydro driven it only takes a bump of the controls to spin the tires and lose traction. There are times where my Toro z-master pisses me off cuz it won't hold a line on a slope or back up a hill without leaving burn marks in the grass. I have a bunch of seat time but you know what I think I still can improve and learn different techniques with my machine. Good luck with your lazer. They are an awesome machine and I think you will soon love it and the quality it delivers.

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